uPVC Flush Sash Windows to replace timber windows in Cardiff South Wales

Flush Windows Cardiff.

Flush Windows Cardiff for the traditional look of Wood with the modern benefits of uPVC. Thermally efficient & secure from Heath Windows and Doors.

Perfect for Modern and Traditional Homes.

While flush windows can look good on any style of property, they are proving particularly popular for traditional homes. Flush sash window profiles offer an alternative to wooden windows and doors that is sympathetic to older styles but with the benefits of modern technology.

Up until now, to achieve something that stands out as different through windows, you had to be brave with colour. You can now achieve a striking effect even if you choose white. These frames stand out and will have everyone commenting on them. The range of options, level of security and thermal efficiency make Modus the best flush casement windows on the market.

Square Joints on Flush Sash Windows with double glazing are a good alternative to traditional timber.


Flush uPVC Windows for Style and Practicality.

Of course, you want to respect the integrity of the building but you also want to respect the environment, live in a warm cosy home and reduce your fuel costs. We understand that and flush sash windows provide an energy-efficient, low maintenance solution that you will love for many years.


Heritage Flush Casement Windows.

For true authentic style, timber style flush sash windows are mechanically-jointed, with square joints just as they would have been a hundred years ago. If you live in a heritage style property and want to maintain a similar look to your old window design, these could be perfect for you. Some conservation areas have relaxed their rules to allow high-performance flush sash windows as they look so authentic. If you are living with draughty windows and have so far been thwarted by regulations, it's worth asking if flush windows would be accepted. Thermal efficiency has to take priority over history sometimes.


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Mitred joints on flush windows for low maintenance authentic look

Modus Flush Casement Windows are Available with Mitred or Square Look Joints.

Unless you are trying to match a style, your choice of corner profile will be a matter of personal taste. This may also be affected by your choice of colour. The wood effect colours almost look as if the mitred corners have been crafted by a carpenter.

Whichever profile you choose, the sleek flat profile will enhance your home for you and for the next family who lives in your home.

Flush windows are visually appealing to everyone so will help you appeal to more buyers if you choose to sell your house.


Helping Your Pocket and the Planet.

You don't often change your windows so you want to make sure you make the right choice. You don't need to compromise on anything when you choose windows from Heath Windows and Doors.

We've partnered with manufacturers who offer quality, value for money, reliability and first-class support. We know that when you choose windows, you want style and performance.

The Modus range seen here is a completely new window system design so is right up to date with the latest innovations in thermal performance. According to Eurocell, the manufacturer, the flush sash window system has U-values as low as 0.7, which is better than the ‘Passivhaus’ standards you will see on Grand Designs.
High-performance Modus flush windows can achieve an A+ BFRC energy rating – which means you can lock heat into your home and reap the benefits of lower heating bills.


Flush Sash Window Security.

Our flush sash windows come with high security locking mechanisms by default meaning that you will be adding a cost-effective and secure solution to your home without breaking the bank. All of our flush sash windows feature multi-point locking systems which have been tried and tested to withstand potential break-ins and forced entry. While money is of course important, the most important thing of all is that you will enjoy peace of mind that your home and family is safe and sound.

What Does Flush Fit Sash Mean?

People use a lot of different terms to describe windows which can be confusing. We are sometimes asked for flush sash windows which could mean the vertical sliding traditional style windows. By time you make your decision, you will have seen pictures and samples so there is no chance of choosing the wrong windows. Flush windows are typicaly casement windows where the all of the frames are flush - in line with each other, just like traditional wooden windows. These are often referred to as flush sash, flush casement, flush fit, flush uPVC, heritage flush or traditional flush. They all mean the same thing, although if you specify heritage or traditional, we think you will probably be interested in a window with more authentic styling.


uPVC Flush sash windows Cardiff South WalesuPVC Flush Casement Windows.

The most popular style of windows is casement windows. In Cardiff, you will see a lot of vertical sliding sash windows, especially in the older buildings. As the name suggests, they slide up and down. Casement windows are hinged, usually at the sides but also at the top. You see top hung windows most often on the small opening windows at the top. These are called fanlights. When you choose your new flush casement windows, you can choose completely new arrangements for your windows. Take some time to consider whether your exisitng windows work for you. Do you have enough opening windows? If you have fanlights, do you use them or are they too high for regular use. Although your opening is likely to stay the same, the arrangement within that space is entirely up to you.


Flush Tilt & Turn Windows.

From the outside, flush tilt and turn windows will give you the same traditional look as casement windows. The difference is that tilt and turn windows open on an axis to tilt for ventilation. By using the handle, you can lock the tilt and fully open the window inwards. This is especially helpful for cleaning windows that are otherwise hard to get to.

Can You Buy Aluminium Flush Windows?

Aluminium flush windows are not quite as traditional looking as uPVC and could not be mistaken for wood. However, Origin manufacture a very stylish window range with flush frames inside and out. Explore the Origin OW-80 aluminium window.


Can You Have Flush Fit Windows on Bay Windows?

You can use flush casement windows in a bay window in just the same way that you would any other casement window. iIf your house is modern, you can be open to any style of window. We'll help you to consider the options. While flush are popular for traditional homes because of the timber style appearance, they work equally well on newer homes.


Flush sash windows have a matching back door

Flush Sash Doors.

If you are replacing a patio door or rear entrance door with your windows, you'll be pleased to know that flush sash styling is available to match. All of Eurocells products are colour matched throughout the ranges so you can mix different style. Some of our customers have chosen the flush styling for back doors even when they've chosen a moulded style for the windows.


12 Year Guarantee.

Modus Flush Windows from Eurocell carry an industry leading 12 year guarantee. The recycled material is used inside the frame where it is not seen while 'virgin' grade uPVC is used on the outside where it matters. This is one of the reasons that Eurocell are able to give a longer guarante..


Feel Secure when you're at Home and When You Are Away.

In additional to highly secure fittings, the six chamber profile is designed for strength to prevent twisting and warping but also has the added benefit of being resistant to  forced entry.


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Love Colour heart on Flush sash windows pageWill You Choose Coloured Windows?

We love coloured windows. We've been brightening up homes with coloured windows all over Cardiff, Vale and Glamorgan for many years. We understand that it's a personal choice though. If you are planning to change the colour of your windows, we'll help you to visualise the new look. There is no reason to stay with the same style, colour or openings that you have now. This is your chance to have what you really want.

The wide range of colours are all tasteful, authentic and designed to work with any brick or render colour. While anthracite has been popular in the last few years, the lighter shades such as agate grey with it's woodgrain finish are being asked for regularly nowadays.It would be hard to choose a favourite. Black, white and cream have stood the test of time for many years and will no doubt continue to do so.


colour chart for modus flush windows including woodgrain foils

How Much do Flush Windows Cost?

Flush casement windows cost a little more than the uPVC windows that you normally see. More goes into the manufacture of them. When compared to the cost of timber windows, they are extremely cost-effective. The cost of your windows will depend on size, style and the number of openings.

Flush sash windows are created with high-quality uPVC with a style that creates the authentic look of timber whilst adding a whole host of features and benefits that wood simply cannot compete with. Timber frames are expensive andWhite uPVC flush sash window installation in Cardiff to replace traditional timber have the additional need for continual upkeep such as re-staining, re-painting and varnishing. They often look tired after weathering the first summer and winter. When you buy timber windows, you need to factor in an additional cost per year. Flush sash windows will not cost money to maintain making them a much more financially attractive option compared to timber alternatives.

The flush sash window is virtually maintenance-free, requiring no more than the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. Unlike timber, our uPVC flush sash windows will not rot, warp or discolour so they make a cost-effective and durable solution for any property in any location.

Of course, as with all modern windows, you can expect super thermal efficiency saving you money on your energy bills. With a multi-chambered profile, they retain heat and keep the cold out making for a warm and comfortable environment. It's much healthier to be able to reduce how often you have your heating on too. 

Flush Casement windows are now part of the Eurocell Logik range

Eurocell Logik Flush Windows.

The Logik range of windows now also features a squared flush sash. This is a different range from the Modus flush and has some differences.The profile is mitred and does not have a squared off option as with the Modus range.

The Logik flush window range carries a ten year guarantee.

At Heath Windows and Doors, we'll explore all of the options with you so that you make the right choice for your home.


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