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Composite Doors

Timber Solid Core Composite Doors in Cardiff. The widest range of doors for style, durability and security. The wide array of styles and colours allows you the opportunity to design front, back or side composite doors that are personal to your home.

From classic to contemporary, intriguing to bold, a wide range of options means you have the freedom to choose a style that is right for you. We’ve partnered with the best composite door manufacturers for style, quality and value.

The Right Front Door Transforms a House

Use your new composite door to reflect the style that you want your home to convey. When you come home or visitors arrive, you can feel pride that you designed your door perfectly.

Cardiff, Newport and Swansea boast some beautiful homes, and a composite door helps to finish them off perfectly. All of our composite doors have the option for glazed panels in the door and side and top panels.

With our unmatched installation service and customer experience, you can’t choose better than Heath Windows and Doors for composite doors in Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Heath Blue Composite Door with Glazed Panel
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Composite Doors for Durability

Your front door is the most commonly used door so needs to be durable.
You want your door to look fantastic but it has to be tough enough to withstand battering by inclement weather, being bashed by the pushchair and slammed by the children. It always without fail, manages to get scraped when you carry large objects in so your door needs to be tough. For your peace of mind, you want to know that your new composite door will stand up to family life.

Front Doors and Back Doors

Homeowners used to choose back doors that matched the windows, typically just plain white with a window. That makes sense when you consider that it’s not seen by everyone in the same way as front doors. Nowadays, with the wide array of options to choose from, our Cardiff customers seem to prefer a stylish back door and will often choose one that compliments the front door and looks attractive from the grade.

This customer chose an Elephant Grey Endurance door for both front and back. The back door could also have been a stable door which is particularly useful if you want the airflow of an open door but need to keep young children and pets safe.

Heath Blue Composite Door with Glazed Panel
Place holder grey square

Kerb Appeal

Despite the importance of a front door for kerb appeal, it’s often the last thing on the list when homeowners think about home improvements. Unless you are replacing the door before selling, your choice is personal. There is a lot of attention on Instagram and designer blog posts to brightly coloured doors but if you are thinking of selling in the short term, you may want to consider choosing a colour for mass appeal and saving your dream door for your next home.

A new front door can not only improve the appearance of your home, but it can also help to reduce energy bills and coming home all the more simple and enjoyable. It’s actually one of the cheapest things you can do for maximum benefit.

Side Panels for Your Front Door

If you have a space for your door that is wider or taller than needed, you have further choices to make.

Will you design the door in the middle with panels on both sides, or choose to have the door to one side and a single panel?

The space you have behind the door and which way the door opens may influence your choice.

You have the same design options for your panels as for the door so we will be able to match perfectly.

Heath Blue Composite Door with Glazed Panel
endurance door with silver furniture

Stylish Door Furniture

We offer a choice of gold, silver or white handles, letterboxes and door knockers all made from stainless steel. This not only means that they match perfectly but give you ultra long-life and trouble-free performance for up to 25 years. Our composite doors do not fade with time. Doors can also be fitted with a spyhole, integrated within the knocker, giving you the peace of mind of seeing who your visitors are before opening your door.

Our range of Composite Doors utilises all the advantages of modern, state-of-the-art technology and materials. All the style of natural wood but without the maintenance. All you need to do with a composite door is wipe it down with a damp cloth and shine your door furniture and glass with whatever you normally use.

Design Your Own Door

Use our clever door designers to help you think about the many variations of style and colours. Click on the image below to be taken to the designer, where you can choose style, colour and accessories. Once you’ve done that, just pop your details into the form, and we will provide a quote. Of course, this doesn’t replace our excellent consultation service. We are more than happy to visit and advise. Alternatively, you may prefer to come into our showroom where you can see full-size Solidor doors before making your choice.

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What is a Composite Door?

A composite door is made from a mixture of materials, including wood, PVC, and insulating foam

This combination of materials makes composite doors extremely strong, durable, and weather-resistant. In addition, composite doors are also very low maintenance and require little to no upkeep

Composite doors are available in a variety of styles and designs, making it easy to find the perfect door for your home

So, if you’re looking for a door that is both stylish and durable, a composite door is the ideal choice.

A composite door is the most popular choice for a new front door.

A door that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, which, let’s face it, is essential for most homeowners but has other essential qualities: durability, security, easy maintenance, and excellent thermal efficiency. It’s pretty much everything you could possibly want in a door.

How are Composite Doors Made?

The core of composite doors is made of wood and insulating materials protected by other layers with an outer layer made of weather-resistant material. The different materials are glued together under high pressure. Composite doors are usually thicker compared to other types of doors.

Because they are made from a combination of materials, composite doors are extremely durable, strong and great looking.

Are Composite Doors Strong?

The most important characteristics you look for in a door are strength and durability. Composite doors are long-lasting and thermally efficient. With a combination of materials, you are assured of a strong and sturdy door to protect your home when you choose a composite door. The solid timber core gives the door strength and the weather-resistant outer keeps it looking good for years.

Are Composite Doors Secure?

The main reason why we need doors is for the security they provide to our homes. When you think of security, composite doors are the only thing that you need for your home. Composite doors are thicker as compared to doors made from other materials including wood, plastic or even PVC for that matter. Some of the doors that we supply carry the ‘Secure by Design’ Accreditation. Ask for details.

Is Finance available for Composite Doors?

Our complete range of products is available on finance including conservatory roof replacement, windows and doors and conservatories.

How do You Care for Modern Composite Doors?

Along with the handles, door knockers, hinges and moving parts, composite doors require minimal maintenance. Easy to take care of and use, composite doors are very popular in Cardiff. You need to do no more than wipe with a damp cloth.

Are Composite Doors Weather Resistant?

Be it the extreme summers or the harsh winters, nothing beats the weather resistance of composite doors.

Composite doors keep their colour, making them a long-lasting, attractive, and cost-effective addition to your home. Despite being exposed to rain, sunlight, pollution, and constant usage over time, your doors are required to give a positive first impression of your house.

So, if you’re looking for doors that can withstand any kind of weather, composite doors are the way to go!


What are the Benefits of a Composite Door.

When something new comes on the market, it’s usually because it’s a better product. Whilst wooden doors and UPVC doors are excellent choices, if you’re replacing a door, it only makes sense to opt for a door that has better qualities, and a composite door has been designed to account for the common flaws experienced in single material doors.

A combination of materials is used to create a composite door, which has many beneficial properties. These include:

A super sturdy and rigid door frame thanks to the solid composite sub-frame. This tends to be around 1.7 inches thick and often contains an outer layer of hardwood.
Extra stability due to the outer frame consisting of UPVC as well as galvanised steel enforcements around the edges.
High resistance to weathering or any weather-based damage that unfortunately is attained with wood: warping, twisting or cracking.
Very little maintenance is required as it is not prone to discolouration. A composite door will not have to be repainted, whereas a wooden door needs to be treated every five years. It is not prone to discolouration. Simply give it an occasional wipe with a damp cloth and it’ll look as good as new.
Excellent thermal insulation. Composite doors are injected with an additional layer of this in the form of a polyurethane foam core. Say hello to a cosy home!
Variety. A composite door is available in various colours and designs to suit your home. Like the look of a wooden door? You can get the look with our woodgrain effects.
Increased security. Composite doors can be fitted with a lock system to prevent break-ins.
So there you have it, now you know all about a composite door, a door that is practical and inviting, as well as strong and secure. If you’re looking for a new front door in Cardiff, South Wales, then look no further than Heath Windows. We have an extensive range of doors in various shapes, styles and colours, so you’ll no doubt find the perfect door for your home.

Composite Doors Cardiff, Newport, Penarth, Barry, Rhondda and all of the Vale of Glamorgan. The widest range of Front Doors in Cardiff and South Wales.

Welsh Sprinter Chooses a Composite Door

Welsh sprinter Colin Jackson chose Heath Windows Ltd for his front door installers. He chose a stylish black Solidor to compliment his home, a perfect choice if you ask us! ​

Colin Jackson is a former athlete who specialised in the 110m hurdles. During his splendid career, he won a silver medal at the Olympics (1993), became world champion twice and became a Commonwealth champion twice. He has also set a world record of 12.91 seconds for the 110m hurdles.

Another feather in Jackson’s cap is the amazing set of patio doors and windows that we designed and built for him.

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