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Spitfire Aluminium Front Doors for Modern Luxury

When you want your front door to be something out of the ordinary, Spitfire has the door for you. Spitfire Aluminium residential doors offer the most exclusive collection of luxury doors

These are the high-end favourite entrance door contemporary homes often seen on programmes like Grand Designs.  Spitfire aluminium entrance doors are available in our showroom to view.

Highest Quality Aluminium Entrance Doors

As always, we choose to partner with manufacturers who provide the best for our customers, and if it’s an exquisitely designed luxury door that you want, there is no better than Spitfire doors.

Spitfire Doors provide an exciting and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. With a hinged or pivoting design, these doors will withstand the test of time while providing safety for your family with their innovative locking system that makes them virtually impossible to break into.

Spitfire Doors are manufactured from the best high-grade materials to ensure durability and performance across all weather conditions.

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Planning a New Build or Extension?

An aluminium door is a lifetime investment. If you are planning a building project, contact us early in the design phase so that your door and space are perfectly designed to complement each other.

It’s always worth popping in to see us when you’re in the planning phase of your build. Your doors and windows are an essential part of a successful build. We are happy to explore the options with you and help you work out your budget. Sometimes as the project progresses, original ideas change as you realise you want more light or room for curtains. There is less chance of making a mistake with more eyes on the plan.

Customisable Spitfire Aluminium Doors

The Spitfire door range has 600 different customisable aluminium residential doors for you to choose from. You can make your own unique design that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who comes through it.

Your home is more than just four walls and an address, so why should your front door be any less? Spitfire Doors offers hundreds of designs with a guaranteed WOW factor. Visit us at our Cardiff showroom, and we will help you create something totally original.

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Thermally Efficient

Thermal efficiency is key for every home, and this high-performance aluminium door has some of the lowest thermal values around. With weatherproofing features incorporated into its design as standard, these doors can shield your home from the elements while maintaining a cosy atmosphere inside. You always want to see a low U-value and the Spitfire door delivers when looking for a door. With U values of around 0.7, Spitfire doors manufacture some of the most thermally efficient doors you can buy.

The Best Doors for Security

These high-performance designer doors are not just stylish. Spitfire offers homeowners a stunning range of high-tech aluminium doors that integrate the latest engineering and digital technology. Keyless entry, fingerprint recognition, smart spy hole cameras and built-in lighting make this more than just a door. The safety of your family and possessions is paramount, but if you’re a fan of gadgets as we are, you are going to love using these doors. Who knew a front door could be fun!

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Virtually Maintenance Free

Of course, with an aluminium door of this quality, you would expect it to last. Constructed from the highest quality materials, this durable and low maintenance entrance door will last virtually forever!

An aluminium door is built to last, and a Spitfire aluminium door lasts even longer.  Although more expensive than other doors, considering how long these doors last, they offer incredible value throughout their lifespan with no need for any high-maintenance upkeep after installation.

The s-200 Series

The S-200 Series is Spitfire’s mid-range of stunning designer entrance doors. This contemporary range features stylish design, formidable security and high performance to provide the style-conscious homeowner with a work of art that is also incredibly functional.

These beautiful designer entrance doors combine design talent that produces outstanding aesthetic appeal with state-of-the-art engineering. The quality is unrivalled. Meticulously constructed from bespoke designed aluminium sections combined with Winkhaus German-engineered precision locking systems, you simply cannot buy better.

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Where Style Meets Function

A sleek black thermally-broken aluminium low threshold comes as standard but a slightly higher threshold is an option if you do need more clearance. All door models with glass are fitted with triple glazed laminated safety glass, and as standard, the inside door face is plain without decoration. Side and toplights are also triple glazed with safety glass.

The Spitfire Aluminium door provides you with the perfect combination of style, technology, security, insulation, durability and exclusivity. A door that will last for many years and thrill you every time you walk up your path.

The S-500 Range of Spitfire Aluminium Doors

The S-500 door is an elite door for customers who spare no expense in the creation of a masterpiece entrance.

Your signature series door is just waiting to be unveiled. Exclusive and one-of-a-kind, Each S-500 door is hand-crafted for the customer’s needs with individual design in mind. This means no two doors will ever look alike. All you need to do now is think about your own unique entrance door vision – when it comes to a Spitfire Signature Series aluminium front doorway, anything goes.

Our iconic aluminium front doors have been likened by many people we know as works of art because they’re made exclusively for you according to your exact requirements.

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Biometric Entry Systems

Most Signature systems are ordered with biometric entry systems. This means that you can programme the lock from your mobile phone using an app. This can be connected to most smart home systems and is easy to programme. The system also detects changes to registered fingerprints and will work in hot or cold weather. No more hunting for keys and if you’re in bed when one of the kids arrives home late, you can stay in your bed and let them in with your phone.

If it’s the Rolls Royce of doors that you want for your home, then look no further. The styling of these doors is iconic, standing the test of time in both style and durability. A door that you will love forever.


Spitfire ‘Signature Series’ doors are built to be as burglar-proof as it is physically possible to be. Spitfire doors combine tough aluminium profiles with high-quality door hinges, security-grade multi-point locks and precision-engineered steel furniture for extra durability. Door or side-panel glazing features triple-glazed, laminated safety glass units. When your home is safe from burglars, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your family and other valuables inside will always be protected.

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Are Spitfire Doors Expensive?

There is no point hiding it. Yes, Spitfire doors are expensive compared to other aluminium doors on the market. Are they worth it? Absolutely they are. If you want the Rolls Royce of doors. There’s nothing that compares to them. Practically speaking, not many of us are running around in a Rolls Royce.

The Spitfire door is not going to be feasible for everyone’s budget. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a superb quality aluminium front door. We carry a wide range of aluminium and composite doors to meet all levels of budget.

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