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The right choice of energy-efficient uPVC window is integral to the style, warmth and security of your home. uPVC has been the most popular choice since double glazing was introduced in the 1970s. Early versions were certainly much better than the metal Crittal windows they often replaced but still lacked security, colour stability and thermal efficiency.

The double glazing industry changed in 2010 with more people prioritising their homes as they had more access to information from the internet. Competition among double glazing firms meant that any company that wanted to compete had to supply windows and doors that met the widest demands for style choice, security, thermal efficiency and value.

The Benefits of Quality uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are the most popular choice for a very good reason. They suit any style of house and with a wide range of choices, can be personalised if you want your home to stand out from the crowd.

  • Durable. Will last for many years past its warranty date and requires virtually no maintenance.
  • Flexible. Any type of window style is available in uPVC with many more options for making your style uniquely your own with choices of glazing bars, opening windows, window furniture and decorated glass.
  • Thermally Efficient. Your windows will help to keep warmth in and cold out.
  • Choice of Finish. Made to measure, uPVC windows are available in a wide choice of colours and woodgrain finishes.
  • Value. uPVC windows are the lowest cost option of the materials available.
Heath uPVC Window with Monkey Tail Handles
uPVC Sash Windows from Heath

Alternatives to uPVC Windows

If uPVC double glazing is not the obvious choice for your windows, which material should you choose?

Aluminium windows are just as versatile and have a very different look from uPVC or wood. They have slimmer frames and are often chosen for more modern buildings. If your home is in a conservation area, you may be restricted to choosing wooden windows. If you prefer the wood look but want the traditional look, consider flush casement uPVC windows. Flush windows look just like wood, and even have the option for woodgrain finishes, but have the styling of traditional windows.

Regardless of which material you choose, advances in engineering over the last ten years mean that any modern choice of quality double glazing products will serve your purpose well.

Types of uPVC Double Glazing

Casement and sash windows are the most popular choice for windows in Cardiff. Walk down any street and you will probably see that most windows are white uPVC casement windows. These are characterised by side or top hinges.

You will see sliding sash uPVC windows more often on older homes. You could also choose Flush Windows, Tilt and Turn or the newer Bifold windows.

There is a window style that will suit your  whether you want to make a statement or blend with your surroundings. 

    uPVC Flush Windows
    Heath uPVC window colours

    uPVC Window Colours

    In Cardiff and throughout South Wales, the most popular colour for windows is white. Our uPVC double glazing products are available in a variety of colours and the best colour for you very much depends on the style of your house. Naturally, coloured windows cost a little more but are well worth it as they transform a home.

    We’ve never installed red windows, but all of the other colours look fabulous. Anthracite is the second most popular colour but Chartwell Green is coming up a close third lately.

    At Heath Windows and Doors, we’ll take the time to help you choose the right uPVC windows.

    How Secure are uPVC Windows?

    The lock on our uPVC windows is built to the highest standards of security.

    A locking handle is included with every uPVC window as standard. All of our uPVC window ranges feature internal beading. External beading is vulnerable to removal which means that the glass could also be removed.

    Our uPVCwindows meet the UK standard for security – British Standards Institute (BSI) BS6375-3:2009

    How Much do uPVC Windows Cost?

    The cost of your made to measure replacement windows will depend on several factors. The quality of your new windows certainly has an effect on the price, both in the materials used, the fixings and the installation. The difficulty for you as the customer is knowing the difference. Windows look the same when they are fitted. It’s only in time that you start to see windows dropping because the hinges aren’t sturdy enough or frames bowing because the aluminium or steel inside the frame is not strong enough. The fitting can also make a difference. Your windows need to move smoothly and this relies on level fitting. Unfortunately, the industry is known for sub-contractors who value speed over quality. That’s the reason that as a premier window supplier we fully employ our installation engineers. They know that quality takes precedence and will take their time to ensure the perfect installation. In addition, all of our windows, doors and conservatories carry at least a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

    Sometimes the perception of cost is related to house value. Whether you live in Cardiff or anywhere else, there is no difference in cost. A single uPVC window costs the same whether you have a 2-bed bungalow in the South Wales countryside as it does for a 6-bedroom house in the middle of Cardiff.

    Are Aluminium Windows better than uPVC?

    We are just as much fans of uPVC windows as we are of aluminium windows. They both have their place in the market and we help our customers choose the right windows depending on the house, their personal taste and the budget. The most popular windows in the UK are uPVC casement windows. Sometimes our customers will choose the same style of windows as the neighbours to help create a cohesive look in the street. Other customers choose windows that are completely different from any other houses because they want to stand out and maybe want a more contemporary look. Get in touch and we will help you make the right choice.


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    Matching uPVC Doors

    All of our uPVC window ranges have matching doors. If you are replacing your windows, you may also be considering replacing front and back doors or opening up the garden for the first time with patio doors. All of our uPVC windows have a range of patio doors and back doors that match the windows. You are not under any pressure to replace everything at once. You may wish to spread the budget by replacing the windows now and the doors later. Some of our customers split the budget by replacing front windows followed by back windows later. It’s all up to you.

    We are here to help you achieve your dreams in the way that is best for you.


    uPVC Windows

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