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Residor Front Doors

Come Home to a door you love when you fit a Residor Composite Door. Over 250 colours and a wide choice of style and accessories means that you can design your own door to suit you and your home.

Lack of maintenance, high levels of security and energy efficiency make composite doors the most popular choice in recent years. They have an incredible lifespan of over 25 years and offer the homeowner a wide choice of styles to complement their homes.

What are Residor Composite Doors Made From?

Residor composite doors are Glass Reinforced Plastic Doors (GRP) and are made by coating a foam slab with a tough plastic skin. This layer is 3.6mm thick on Residor composite doors, which means you benefit from excellent thermal efficiency. Most GRP doors are just 1.6mm thick. Residor composite doors are more than twice the thickness of most composite doors available today.

GRP Doors

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester and is more commonly known as fibreglass. This is the waterproof outer layer of the door. The inside is made of a combination of timber and man-made materials depending on the range. GRP doors are also composite doors, being made of a mixture of materials.

GRP is light, requires very little maintenance, and can be manufactured in a variety of attractive colours and textures. GRP doors have high resistance to denting, warping, bowing, twisting, splitting, peeling, flaking, cracking and fading, making them extremely durable.

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Why Choose a Residor Composite Door?

When you are looking for a new front door, you want style, security, durability and value. If you are replacing a wooden door, you are probably aware of them shrinking in the winter and swelling in the summer. With composite doors, you get the look of wood with all the benefits of modern technology.

Composite doors are a mix of materials that make them more durable and resistant to warp or rot. Composite doors are more energy-efficient than traditional wooden doors, as they have an insulation core that helps keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. The consistency through varied temperatures also means that they fit the door frame all year round so no draughts or sticking doors.

Low Maintenance Entrance Doors

Residor Composite Doors utilise the advantages of modern, state-of-the-art technology and materials. All the style of natural wood but without the maintenance. All you need to do with a composite door is wipe it down with a damp cloth and shine your door furniture and glass with whatever you normally use.

After spending money on a door, the last thing that you want is to find that it sticks, warps, or fades in a couple of years. We care about you and your needs. We’ve been transforming homes in Cardiff for a long time and have a solid reputation for quality and service. You can see this through our reviews on Facebook, Google and AllChecked.

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How Do You Choose a Front Door?

Your choice will mostly depend on the style of your home, your personal taste and your budget. Sometimes there are other factors that will influence your choice. Is your door more exposed to the elements? Are you positioned in a location that will require extra security? Do you need a cat flap? Do you want to match the colour of your garage? We will help you to consider all of the factors and make the right choice.

There is no pressure or obligation when you speak to us. Your home improvement purchase is important. We’re told that we have the best showroom in Cardiff and South Wales. Pop along to our Cardiff showroom, or call to arrange for us to visit you.

Side Panels for Your Front Door

If you have a space for your door that is wider or taller than needed, you have further choices to make.

Will you design the door in the middle with panels on both sides, or choose to have the door to one side and a single panel?

The space you have behind the door and which way the door opens may influence your choice.

You have the same design options for your panels as for the door so we will be able to match perfectly.

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Styling Features

  • 5 standard door colours.

  • 250 RAL colours.

  • 3 frame colours.

  • Exclusive door furniture.

  • Glazed panel options.

  • Chamfered or sculptured frames.

  • PAS24: 2014 Certified.

  • Ultion Cylinder fitted as Standard.

  • Exceeds Building Regulations for Thermal efficiency.

Solidor vs Residor

Ultimately you can’t go wrong with either door. They could both be considered the best composite doors. Your choice may be made purely because of style, colour or price. Whatever you choose, we are here to give you the best advice on the best composite doors without any obligation or pressure.

Try our door designer to help you get an idea for the wide variety. We’re happy to give you a price if you complete the form, but why not pop into our Cardiff double glazing and door showroom, where we have many full-size examples of the best composite doors on the market.

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Spitfire Doors

Residor Doors

Endurance Doors

Origin Doors

Residor Security

Residor composite doors are fitted with the revolutionary Ultion cylinder lock as standard. This cylinder goes into ‘lock-down’ mode’ in the event of an attack, securing an area of your door that has the potential to be the weakest. While some locks feature 5 or 6 pins, Ultion has 11 and it protects against Lock Drilling for reliable home protection.

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