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Stained Glass Windows

If you want to create a real feature out of your windows, consider having one or more with stained glass. This often works well as a single window in a hall. More than creating an attractive window, depending on the colours used it can cast warm light or provide extra privacy.

Stained glass windows are a beautiful way to let light into a room while also adding some colour and style. Though they were once popular in churches, they can now be found in all sorts of places, from private homes to public buildings.

Can I Use My Old Stained Glass in uPVC Windows?

If you have an old stained glass window that you’d like to keep, you may be wondering if it’s possible to use it in uPVC windows. The answer is yes! You can actually have your old stained glass incorporated into your new uPVC windows. This is a great way to keep a beautiful piece of history in your home while also enjoying the benefits of modern windows.

If you’re interested in using your old stained glass in uPVC windows, get in touch. We will be able to assess your stained glass and determine if it can be safely used in uPVC windows.

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    Where to Use Stained Glass Windows

    Stained glass is a feature and as such needs to be designed with balance. Except in churches and pubs, it would be rare to see a whole house of stained glass windows.

    Stained glass design works well for a large hall window and for top lights without overdoing it. Allow your beautiful design to stand out against plain glass panels.

    If you have an area that requires privacy such as a cloakroom or the lower half of a window where passers-by look into your window, stained glass can work well. Most often thought of as traditional, stained glass can offer a modern alternative to obscure glass.

    Options for Stained Glass

    If you have old, stained glass in single-glazed windows, we can have that encapsulated in energy-efficient double-glazing. You still see the beauty of the stained glass but with the benefits of modern glazing.

    Most of our windows and doors have a range of stained glass panels to choose from. These beautiful panels are particularly popular on doors and top lights – the small window above the main window. 

    If you want something a little bit special, you can even design your own. The only limit is your imagination. Our customer designed the arch windows below and is delighted with them.

    We supply all types of windows and front doors, back doors and patio doors.

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    Stained glass scene in arch window
    Stained glass arch window
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    Tilt & Turn

    Feature Stained Glass

    A window on the landing or in the hallway is a perfect site for a stained glass window. As a single window, it doesn’t have to match other windows. Often, the use of blinds or curtains blocks precious light.

    A stained glass window is a perfect solution. Not only will you have a beautiful window but the colours will cast warm light on gloomy days.

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