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House with Guttering and Fascia

Guttering and Fascia

It’s hard to keep on top of exterior maintenance. But with our roofline products, you won’t have to. Protecting your home using our uPVC Fascia, Soffits, and Guttering means that your home is safe from the elements and looks fresh and bright year after year.

As with all of our products, your guttering, fascias and soffits will be installed by highly skilled fitters who are fully employed by us. This enables us to control the quality of your installation and ensures that the fitters can take the time needed to meet the high standards we set for our customers.

What is Roofline?

The roofline is the part of your house that isn’t covered by tiles or shingles. This is the fascia board that sits behind the gutter and provides a solid base for the gutter to fix to, the gutter itself and the drainpipes that run down from the gutter.

Technically the roofline is the word used to describe where your roof finishes. In the trade, it has become normal to condense all products such as guttering, fascia, and soffits that are roofline products into one word – roofline.

Roofline products have many purposes, one of which is to protect your house from the elements. They do this to make sure that water – rain or melting snow runs off to correct drainage. The fascias and soffits can be constructed out of wood or uPVC.

Roofline with flexible drainpipe
Rain gushing off roof

Don’t Take Roofline for Granted

You might not know what a fascia is by name, or even recognize it on the roof but when it goes wrong you will know about it.

Most customers tend to consider changing roofline only when they are changing windows. Sometimes because they want the roofline to match the windows but usually because it’s a convenient time to tend to it while related work is being done. 

Efficient roofline installation allows rain to run from the roof into the gutter and down the drainpipes into drainage so that your house walls do not suffer dampness because of rain running down the walls.

A couple of weeks of rain can mean that if your house walls are wet, they won’t get a chance to dry and eventually, that rain will soak through to the inner walls.

What are Fascias and Soffits?

Fascias and soffits are boards that protect the point where your roof meets with a wall.  Fascia board runs horizontally along the last of your roof’s trusses, while the soffit board covers up any gaps in between.

Your fascia board can be square-ended, bull-nosed or even flat-backed, depending on how we decide it needs to fit. Roofline seems simple, but we know the importance of getting it right so that it will last many years. We’ll assess the construction of your house first, so you know exactly which style will work best while still giving a selection of types to choose from.

Fascia and soffits
Gutter, Fascia and Soffits

How Much Do Guttering and Fascia board and Soffits Cost?

As always with home improvement products, the first variation cost is quantity. All the lengths of your roof are added together to arrive at the price.

The price will also depend on the style, materials and colour. White upVC is always the cheapest.

It may be necessary to use scaffolding to ensure safety, and this will also incur a cost. The cost of your guttering and fascia may also be affected by whether the installation is part of a whole-house installation that includes windows. This is because the installation equipment may already be on site.

Our prices are competitive for quality products. When it comes to home improvements, you will always find a tradesperson who can do the job cheaper. If you want a long-lasting solution backed by guarantees, come to Heath Windows and Doors. As always, our quotes for guttering, fascia board, and windows and doors are always free and without obligation or pressure. So if you are considering replacement, get in touch, and we will be happy to help. We’ll advise on the best fascia and soffit solution for your home.

Guttering and Downpipes

The guttering and downpipes are central to your roofline working properly. Hopefully, they are already placed correctly, but if they are not, we may discuss better ways of routing the pipes. We’ll want to make sure that water is pouring into lower gutters or into drains.

Where a roof is set back, as is the case sometimes where there is a single-storey extension, sometimes the higher lever roofline needs to be routed to the single-storey extension gutters and down-pipes.

In Cardiff, where there are many older homes, we often need to replace iron guttering and drainpipes. We understand that it is a shame to discard these wonderful traditional features, but efficiency, cost, and low maintenance have to be considered factors when replacing your roofline.

Guttering is available as half-round, square-line or Universal Plus. Don’t worry about this, as your Heath Windows and Doors consultant will help you choose the right guttering for your home.

Guttering and Downpipes
Colours of roofline

Roofline Colours

The most popular colour and material for guttering, fascia board and soffits in Cardiff is white uPVC because white uPVC is most popular for windows, and usually, we and our customers like it to match.  It depends on whether you want the roofline to be a feature or if you want it to be as unobtrusive as possible.   

Second to that is anthracite or dark grey. While anthracite aluminium windows are often associated with modern houses, it actually looks great on traditional houses as well, especially if we are replacing old iron drainpipes. You can also choose from three woodgrain colours for your fascia boards; Golden Oak, Rosewood and Irish Oak. Usually, if you choose uPVC fascia, you would also have matching uPVC soffits.

All our roofline systems are perfectly colour-matched across the product range. Plus, they carry guarantees of up to 20-years against discolouration, warping, and cracking. How’s that for peace of mind protection?

What can go Wrong with Fascia and Guttering?

The biggest mistake that homeowners make is in thinking that the roofline doesn’t matter and choosing the cheapest options.

Your gutters and downpipes must be joined properly to prevent leaks. You don’t want water coming down through the guttering. It needs to correctly direct water to the downpipes where it can safely flow into the drainage.

There need to be enough downpipes so that gutters do not overflow onto the walls.

Every downpipe must end at a point where it can drain. Water that flows onto the ground can get into the foundations of your home and cause damage.

Your guttering must include a slight slope to ensure that the water falls rather than sits. This is indiscernible to most human eyes, so will not affect the look of your home. The slope needs to be 1 cm every 3.5 metres.

Man clearing out gutters
20 year guarantee on roofline

Benefits of Our Roofline Products

Heath Windows and Doors are proud of their reputation which is achieved through excellent standards for installation and from partnering with manufacturers who are renowned for style, quality and value.

Our roofline and guttering products have the following benefits:

  • Manufactured to the highest standards with British Board of Agreement accreditation.
  • Colour matched. All products from the same manufacturer are the same colour.
  • Complementary matched accessories and trim.
  • Wide range of colours and styles to suit any home.
  • 20 Year Guarantee.

Gutter Maintenance

Your gutters collect all manner of debris, including leaves, twigs, and dirt. Somehow they also manage to collect small children’s toys and other odd things that do not belong in a gutter. Small balls are often found at the top of drain pipes, where they can block them. If they are small enough, they can even roll down the pipe, causing a blockage. It’s important to keep your gutters clean. It’s a job that is best done regularly to keep on top of it. There are many small firms that offer this service if you don’t want to get up a ladder. When the rain is heavy, keep an eye out for any areas where the rain spills over the gutter. You probably have debris stopping the flow of water.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, there are products such as a hedgehog gutter brush that stops the debris from sitting in the gutter. We can provide your guttering and fascia quote with and without this.

Ball and leaves stuck in gutter
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