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Conservatory Roofs – Which Roof is Best?

If you are considering conservatory roof replacement, or maybe you want a brand new conservatory and are unsure which roof is best, read on for tips on how to choose a new conservatory roof. The right choice will give you pleasure for years to come and could add value or enhance the saleability of your home.

Choosing the right conservatory roof is a big decision

You know you want a conservatory but maybe haven’t decided exactly what shape, where it will go or how big it should be. You’re still in the research phase and there is one question that’s been bothering you…

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For New and Old Conservatories

Whether you’re thinking about adding a new conservatory to your home or replacing the roof on your existing conservatory, deciding which roof option to choose is an important decision. Not all conservatory roofs are created equal, so for peace of mind, take time to research the options.

Solid Roof, Glazed or Polycarbonate?

Whether you are planning a new conservatory or want to make the most of the one you have, your choice of conservatory roof will play a big part in your enjoyment of your room.

All of the conservatory roof options are available to you whether you are buying a new conservatory or think of replacing your existing conservatory roof. A replacement conservatory roof can transform an old conservatory into one that not only feels brand new but also makes it fit for purpose. 

Heath Solid Tile Roof
Heath Shaped Conservatory

Which Conservatory Roof is Best for You?

Think about your overall objective carefully. First of all, ask yourself what the main function of the room is? Will it be extra living space that you will want to use all year round? This could be a dining room, playroom or a family room. Since COVID, many families have had to find extra space to use for an office but have not been able to use the conservatory because of the difficulty in using a screen in such a bright room. A conservatory roof replacement could solve this problem.

Traditionally, conservatories were used as an addition to the home – a quiet place to sit with a view of the garden. They were a luxury item most often bought by retirees who found themselves with time to read and relax. In the last ten years, a conservatory has been the most cost-effective way to extend a home. It has also been the easiest as the criteria for planning permission and building regulations has been relaxed.

How Will Your Conservatory Be Used?

Before deciding which conservatory roof you prefer, you must first consider what the conservatory will be used for and how often you wish to use it.

A well-built conservatory will give you years of pleasure and could help you achieve a better price when you decide to sell your house. Conservatories are a cost-effective way to extend your home whether you want extra living space to relax, a playroom or a dining area.

When you ask us to quote for a conservatory or a replacement roof, we will ask you how you plan to use your new conservatory and advise you which roof will be best for your use. We will consider how your needs may change over the years and offer the best solution.

Heath Edwardian Conservatory
Heath Solid Tile Roof

Light and Bright

If you want to create a space that is as light and bright as possible, an energy-efficient glass or polycarbonate roof system will work for you. The addition of blinds will help you deal with glare on the sunniest day giving you a bit of flexibility. However, don’t be misled into believing that blinds solve all the problems.

TV or Computer Screens in Your Conservatory

If your answer to this includes using a TV screen or computer, a solid roof will be more useful. Even with blinds, the glare on screens can make it impossible to see the screen.

Solid Roofs

If you aim to transform your conservatory so that it can be used every day, a tiled conservatory roof will be the best choice.

Tiled roofs outperform other roof options, require virtually no upkeep and have a long lifespan.

If you want a room that can be used just as much as any other in the house, then a tiled conservatory roof will give you a similar feel to a brick-built extension. The difference is that you will have more window space than wall, which will make it feel more open to the garden and let in lots more natural light.

Combination Roofs

To enjoy a combination of warmth, light and year-round usage, a new conservatory roof that combines tiles and glazed panels will meet your requirements.

Our range of conservatory roofs offers a choice of tile colour to complement your house.

Heath Large conservatory with plastered ceiling and glazed panels
Heath Lean to Glass Roof

Glazed Roofs

A double-glazed all-glass conservatory is a thing of beauty if it’s situated in the right place. It’s a good idea to consider the sun’s direction and whether it will make your glass conservatory unusable when it’s too hot. There are many options for a glass roof, including solar glass. Conservatory roof glass is available in a range of different colours that help to reduce glare and heat build-up. You can also choose a glass conservatory roof with self-cleaning glass panels. 

A glass roof on a conservatory gives a fabulous feeling of being outside with views of the garden and the sky. If you have the luxury of enough space in the house so that you can dedicate your conservatory to relaxation, then a glass roof gives you an unparalleled feeling of space. You can achieve a little flexibility and extend the use of your conservatory by fitting blinds. Blinds can help protect against the strongest rays in the summer and provide a little extra insulation in the winter.

Your choice of opening windows and doors will also have an impact on your comfort.

Poly Carbonate Roofs

Polycarbonate roofing is a great option if you want to maximise light, but it’s not the best choice for insulation. While polycarbonate roofs are the cheapest of roofing options, there is almost no benefit to them over the other options other than cost. 

Polycarbonate roofs are available in various colours and styles, so you can find one that will complement the look of your home.

A polycarbonate conservatory roof does not look as contemporary as a glass roof but can offer some benefits. Its opaque nature means that the sun shines a little less brightly through it. The polycarbonate roof options are all more cost-effective in the short term than efficient glass or solid roof options but may cost more in the long run.

Heath Victorian Conservatory

Can you use a conservatory as an office?

Since COVID, these unused and neglected dumping grounds have found new life as quiet places to work away from the family. Most conservatories are used as additional rooms to relax in, but if you want to use one as an office long-term, you will need to think about the construction to ensure that you are able to see the computer screen and give some thought to heat and insulation. A conservatory that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter will not make a good working environment.

If you plan to use your conservatory as an office, will you need to consider extra security if expensive equipment is on view?

Whatever you use it for, you will want to ensure it’s suitable for that purpose. If it truly is an extra space that you will only use in the summer, then a traditional glass roof may suffice, but if you want to use it all year round, it may be worth considering a solid tiled roof.

How much does a conservatory roof cost??

This is a question that everyone wants to know the answer to before getting a quote for a replacement conservatory roof. It really does depend on the type of roof, the size and configuration. Some projects may need new guttering or you may choose to combine light with insulation. These and other items will affect the cost.

The cost of retrofitting a tiled conservatory roof to an existing conservatory depends on several factors, including the size and style of your current conservatory. For example, if you have a Victorian-era house with a large glasshouse at the rear then it will cost significantly more than if you only have a small porch extension.  

Your budget will play a large part in making your decision but you also must be careful that the choice is right for you. Cut corners to save money and you may find that your money is wasted when your conservatory doesn’t suit your purpose. Choose a glass conservatory roof and you may find that you have to pay several thousand pounds for blinds taking you over your original budget.

Will I Need Planning Permission to Change my Conservatory Roof?

A few years ago, you most certainly would have required planning permission to change your conservatory roof. The very nature of a solid tiled roof means that your conservatory no longer meets the 75% glass rule. However, Building Regulations rules have changed along with guidelines for permitted development. It is likely that if your conservatory was built under permitted development rights, then you would equally have been allowed an extension under today’s rules.

Check the rules for planning, building regulations and building control for your area on the Wales. Gov Website.
The Wales.Gov website states:

‘Adding a conservatory to your house is treated the same as adding a single-storey extension, and the same rules apply’.

We will help you determine whether your conservatory was built under permitted development rights if you don’t know. There are some cases where permission is needed. For instance, if your building is or is within distance of a listed building. You can find out more about planning permission in Wales at Wales.Gov Website.

Is Finance available for Replacement Roofs?

Our complete range of products is available on finance including conservatory roof replacement, windows and doors and conservatories.

If you are considering a new solid roof for your conservatory, contact us to first arrange for us to come and look at your existing conservatory.

Before making a decision about a conservatory roof replacement, consider your budget and all of the available options carefully as this will help you to settle on a solution that provides maximum enjoyment.

Which conservatory roof is the most energy-efficient?

Tiled conservatory roofs are the most thermally efficient. They are not exactly the same as your house because you usually have a ceiling, another floor and an attic to provide extra insulation.

Glass and polycarbonate roof systems vary depending on the solar options. In most cases, a new glass or polycarbonate roof will be more energy-efficient than an old roof because technology has changed.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when comparing the energy efficiency of different conservatory roof types. Our roof systems have u-values as low as 0.15. A new conservatory roof replacement could save you money on energy bills compared to a glazed system.

The conservatory roof doesn’t just affect the amount of light in the conservatory, it will also impact the thermal efficiency, which in turn will affect your enjoyment of the room and your energy bills. A solid roof will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter but will that serve the purpose of your conservatory if you wanted to see the sky when you sit there in the evening.

If I Choose a Solid Tiled Roof, is it Still a Conservatory?

A conservatory is a type of building that has at least 50% glass walls and 75% of the roof made out of glass. When planning laws were stricter, it was easier to build a conservatory than an extension because only the latter required permission from authorities. Nowadays, with extensions allowed in permitted development rules, as long as they’re not too large or intrusive, this distinction isn’t so important anymore – people choose what suits them best for their budget and convenience instead.

Maybe we’ll need to come up with a new word for a solid conservatory roof – A Constension, maybe!

Which Conservatory Roofs are the Cheapest?

For some homeowners, the budget is the most important factor in their decision. If this applies to you, a polycarbonate plastic roof will always be the most affordable option. Be careful that this is not a false economy that may cost you more in the long run.

Polycarbonate roofs are the cheapest followed by glass and then solid tiled roofs if you consider them in their most basic form and assuming all things were equal from the suppliers. A polycarbonate roof from an expensive supplier could be more expensive than a glass roof from a cheaper supplier. 

After that, you also must remember that you may have to pay more to make your conservatory more energy-efficient and useable. This should be factored into the conservatory roof cost. Although a solid conservatory roof is more expensive, the combined cost of a double-glazed roof plus blinds could cost more. 

It’s worth remembering that the cheapest price is not always the best option. If the roof you choose does not match your usability requirements, going for the cheaper option might prove a false economy. 

Does the shape of the conservatory affect the cost of the roof?

The shape of the conservatory does affect the cost of the roof. Lean to and Edwardian conservatories have square or rectangular bases, but the Edwardian has at least one hipped roof.
The Victorian conservatory has angles similar to a bay window. You can also combine these shapes to form an L or a P shape. The cost of the roof will increase with the complexity.




Garden Room

The Way That We Use a Conservatory has Changed

Traditionally, conservatories were used as an addition to the home – a quiet place to sit with a view of the garden. They were a luxury item most often bought by retirees who found themselves with time to read and relax. In the last ten years, a conservatory has been the most cost-effective way to extend a home. It has also been the easiest, as the rules for planning permission and building regulations have been relaxed.

All of the conservatory roof options are available to you whether you are buying a new conservatory or think of replacing your existing conservatory roof. A replacement conservatory roof can transform an old conservatory into one that not only feels brand new but also makes it fit for purpose.

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