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Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn Windows are becoming increasingly popular in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. Easy to use and maintain. No Obligation. No Pressure from Cardiff’s Premier Double Glazing Supplier.

Safety, Security and Convenience

French doors offer a versatile look that works with modern or traditional homes. It’s a small thing, but stepping out of your french doors into the garden makes a home feel so much more open and means you don’t have to go to the front or back door to get outside.

What is a Tilt & Turn Window?

The innovative tilt-and-turn mechanism enables the window to be opened inwards from the top for effective ventilation or from the side for safe and easy cleaning from within your home.

Tilt and turn windows make the most of their glass panels to let light and air flood in, for a bright and fresh environment. Plus, keeping your windows clean and bright is always an easy, stress-free task. The innovative tilt and turn mechanism offers wide side-opening for safe and simple cleaning from the inside of your home.

Open wide in the summer to bring the outdoors in, and when it’s cold and wet outside, keep your home well-ventilated using the intelligent top-fixed tilting mechanism.

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8 Benefits of Tilt & Turn Windows

    • Exceptional build quality – Durable, reliable and all-round long-life performance.
    • Progressive engineering.
    • Easy to Clean.
    • Advanced tilting window mechanism provides two-fold top and side opening options.
    • Enlightened design – Large areas of unobstructed glass flood interiors with natural light.
    • Compartmented profile – Improved drainage and thermal efficiency meet regulatory requirements.
    • Peace of mind – Ten-year guarantee against warping, discolouring and cracking.
    • Accredited standards – Accreditation by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and British Standards Institute (BSI.

    How Do Tilt and Turn Windows Work?

    Tilt and turn windows are operated via the handle. Turn it one way, and the bottom hinges lock to allow tilt for ventilation. Turn it the other way and the side hinges lock to allow full opening as you would with a normal casement window. The difference is that the window will open inwards. Tilt- and-turn windows are often used in apartments as they can be tilted for ventilation with no danger of small children being able to open them further. They are also useful for ground-floor apartments and bungalows. For those, worried about opening windows in the night for fear of intruders, these windows cannot be opened enough to gain entrance in tilt mode.

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    Superior Weather Proofing

    Tilt and turn windows have long been a popular choice for homeowners on the continent due to their excellent weatherproofing and security features. If you’ve stayed abroad, you’ve probably come across these windows. We are quite often asked about them after customers have seen them for the first time while staying in a hotel where the safety of customers must be paramount.

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