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Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are popular because of their flexibility in choosing the layout and decorative features. Usually, unless there are reasons to use a different style, such as planning restrictions, most of our customers in Cardiff choose uPVC casement windows. To replace timber windows, they usually choose flush sash windows.

Heath Windows and Doors are the premier suppliers for the best quality uPVC and aluminium casement windows in Cardiff. As with all our window and door installations, you can expect the care and attention to detail that comes with fully employing installers for quality control.

Casement Windows in Cardiff

Casement windows and sash windows are the most popular types of windows in the Cardiff area.

Casement windows are characterised by the fact that they are hinged, most often on the side, on the top and sometimes on the bottom.

Sash Windows are opened by sliding the bottom sash upwards. If you have a double-hung window, you could also slide the top sash downwards. Read more about sash windows.

uPVC windows in white with monkey tail handles
Oak Casement Windows

Casement Windows for Security, Style and Superb Noise Reduction

What most homeowners want from their new windows is security, attractiveness and superb noise reduction, and double-glazed casement windows offer all of that.

Once installed, these durable windows need little-to-no maintenance and are suitable for a wide range of properties, giving a functional yet stylish finish to your home. You know it will be a perfect fit because every uPVC casement window installed by us is made to order.


A Wide Range of Options

The wide range of design options and finishes allow you to be adventurous and stand out or choose a casement window design that sits well with the house without drawing attention.

Designs for casement windows include Georgian bar, Astragal bar and Mock horn. The casement window finishes range from woodgrain effects to more solid colours, and there are also various glazing options. You may also further personalise your windows with a choice of window furniture in gold, chrome, white or black.

    uPVC windows in white with monkey tail handles
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    Ideal for All Properties

    The simple and functional casement window design is ideal for all types of property. It is the most popular and widely used style of double glazed window in Cardiff, Newport and the Vale and most certainly South East Wales.

    Our uPVC casement windows can be either top-hung opening or side-hung opening to suit your requirements, providing excellent ventilation and security. You can choose a flush finish, clean-cut chamfered beading or a more decorative sculpted ovolo finish for your new windows.

    High-Security Window System

    Our double-glazed uPVC casement windows are durable and robust, giving long-life, low-maintenance performance, with no need for painting or other treatments. They are fitted with high-security locking mechanisms too, giving you the peace of mind that your home is well protected against intruders.

    Energy-Efficient Design

    The multi-chambered frame designs deliver exceptional energy efficiency for both windows and patio doors – helping to keep your home warm and comfortable all year round, as well as reducing your energy consumption. Our slim frames also allow the area of glass in windows to be optimised, maximising the amount of natural light within your home. The energy efficiency is slightly higher on the uPVC casement window than on aluminium but both are A-rated.

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    Exact Matched Colours

    Because the same manufacturer produces all our uPVC frames, we can assure you that all colours are exactly matched across our entire range of window and door products. It means that our whites are the same white across all products and our woodgrain finishes are all perfectly matched. No matter what the age, style or size of your property, we can create high-quality windows to enhance and add value to your home.


    Most of our uPVC casement windows come with 10-year guarantees and our aluminium windows have 20-year guarantees. These can vary depending on what you choose but be assured that we partner with manufacturers who give our customers the best in style, durability, energy efficiency and guarantees.

    Casement Windows for Bays and Bows

    In Cardiff, we have many older homes with bay and bow windows that are fitted with sash windows. This is usually because they already have stone pillars between each window. Newer properties with bay or bow windows usually have double glazed casement windows with pillars formed from uPVC with aluminium inside for support. When you choose your replacement windows, you do not have to replace like with like. We will help you to choose the best option. We’ve installed so many windows in Cardiff in the last twenty years, we are bound to have examples to show you.

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      Aluk Aluminium Windows

      Aluminium Casement Windows

      Aluminium casement windows are often chosen for more modern houses, particularly when the homeowner is looking for a ‘grand designs’ aesthetic, however, many of our customers in Cardiff have chosen aluminium for older houses because of the slimmer frames in smaller windows and because of the durability. As you would expect, aluminium windows are more expensive than uPVC but we are happy to explore the options with you. We know how important your home is and are happy to take the time to ensure you make the right choice.

      Learn more about aluminium windows.


      Timber Casement Windows

      Discover our extensive collection of timber casement windows and doors, meticulously crafted by Glyngary in Cheshire, to meet your design and specification. Many of our products hold certification from the British Standards Institute for Window Energy Ratings, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and performance.

      We also offer a diverse range of timber entrance doors, French doors, and patio doors that can be customized to your unique preferences, all equipped with state-of-the-art locking and security technology. With our advanced pre-finishing process, our timber windows are flawlessly coated using spray-applied microporous paints. Choose from a vast palette of colours or explore over 70 stunning stain combinations to perfectly complement any building or architectural style.

      Read more about Timber Casement Windows.

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      How Secure are Casement Windows?

      The lock on our casement window is built to the highest standards of security. 

      A locking handle is included with every casement window as standard. All of our window ranges feature internal beading. External beading is vulnerable to removal which means that the glass could also be removed.

      All of our windows meet the UK standard for security – British Standards Institute (BSI) BS6375-3:2009

      How Much do Casement Windows Cost?

      The cost of your replacement windows will depend on several factors. The quality of your new casement windows certainly has an effect on the price, both in the materials used and the fixings. The difficulty for you as the customer is knowing the difference. Windows look the same when they are fitted. It’s only in time that you start to see windows dropping because the hinges aren’t sturdy enough or frames bowing because the aluminium or steel inside the frame is not strong enough. The fitting can also make a difference. Your windows need to move smoothly and this relies on level fitting. Unfortunately, the industry is known for sub-contractors who value speed over quality. That’s the reason that as a premier window supplier we fully employ our installation engineers. They know that quality takes precedence and will take their time to ensure the perfect installation.

      Sometimes the perception of cost is related to house value. There is no difference in cost whether you live in Cardiff or anywhere else. A single casement window costs the same whether you have a 2-bed bungalow in the South Wales countryside as it does for a 6-bedroom house in the middle of Cardiff.

      Can you Change Sash Windows for Casement Windows?

      First of all, let’s consider why you would change your old sash windows for casement. Old sash timber windows are notorious for being sticky to open, especially if they are painted in. If that’s the reason, be assured that new uPVC windows will not present the same difficulties whether you choose sash or casement. Modern glazing moves smoothly and you will find them easy to open and close. Sometimes old sash windows can be stuck, either fully open or partway. This will not happen with new windows either. Both sash and casement will offer super energy efficiency as you would expect from modern uPVC windows.

      The main reason to change to casement windows is that they look more modern. Some people prefer the way they open or like the flexibility in configurations.

      Are Aluminium Casement Windows better than uPVC?

      We are just as much fans of uPVC casement windows as we are of aluminium windows. They both have their place in the market and we help our customers choose the right windows depending on the house, their personal taste and the budget. The most popular windows in the UK are uPVC casement windows. Sometimes our customers will choose the same style of windows as the neighbours to help create a cohesive look in the street. Other customers choose windows that are completely different from any other houses because they want to stand out and maybe want a more contemporary look. Get in touch and we will help you make the right choice.


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      Matching Patio Doors

      All of our window ranges have matching doors. If you are replacing your windows, you may also be considering replacing patio doors or even opening up the garden for the first time with patio doors. All of our casement windows have a range of patio doors and back doors that match the windows. You are not under any pressure to replace everything at once. You may wish to spread the budget by replacing the windows now and the doors later. Some of our customers split the budget by replacing front windows followed by back windows later. It’s all up to you.

      We are here to help you achieve your dreams in the way that is best for you.

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