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Bi-fold, Sliding or French - Which is Best for Your Home?

Have you been toying with the idea of having patio doors installed? There's a lot to consider when making such a major purchase for your home. You will live with your decision for a long time and the right choice will give you a lot of pleasure while you live there and may even help you sell your home when you decide to move.

Bespoke Design Especially For You.

Although there are a lot of choices for your patio doors, we'll help you navigate the options and come up with the perfect design for your doors. Every door is made to measure for you with your personal choice of colours, furniture and arrangement of doors.

Practical Patio Doors with A Stunning Appearance.

When you want to maximise your view of the outside and benefit from more natural light within your home, patio doors make the ideal solution for Cardiff homes. If you are building an extension or a new home, you will be able to plan your build around your choice. If you are replacing old doors or a window, your choice of patio doors may be led by the space you already have.


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Sliding doors Cardiff

Which type of patio doors will give you the most benefit?

Do you want to maximise the daylight coming into the room?

Do you want to maintain wall space at the sides for the placement of furniture or curtains?

Will you want to fully open up the whole wall to seamlessly integrate with the outdoors?

What are you replacing?

You have a lot of options for your patio doors. You may be led by the existing space. If you already have french doors or are replacing a window the cheapest option may be to use the existing width of the opening. For instance, changing a simple 2 door set up to a full wall width set of bi-folding patio doors may require a new lintel. Changing old sliding doors to French doors may require additional brickwork or you could choose glazed panels to fill in the extra space.

The first thing to think about is the look that you want. You'll only do this once so we encourage you to think carefully about what you want. We'll advise you about the practicalities of your choice.

Sliding Patio Doors.

Sliding patio doors provide lots of natural light with less frame to interrupt the view.

They can fit into an existing space or you can expand your opening to fit across the whole wall.

Our sliding patio door frames have been designed with safety features to prevent slamming.

Sliding Doors are usually the lowest cost option for patio doors.

If space is limited, you can arrange furniture close to the doors as they open within their own tracks.

Sliding patio doors are a fantastic option for homeowners who want to enjoy the light and airy feel of glass doors but are limited by space.

Convenient for opening only a small amount without worrying about the wind catching the door.

Double Glazing- French DoorsFrench Doors.

French doors are ideal for a wide range of uses, particularly when you want to maintain a traditional feel. Beautifully suited to open up into conservatories or to make a unique design statement within your home. French doors are often the practical choice for homeowners who want to replace a window so that they step out into the garden. Typically French Doors are chosen for smaller openings but are equally effective to create a glass wall effect by using two or three sets of French Doors.

Sometimes there is no choice if pillars are already in place but sometimes our customers just prefer the traditional look of french doors.


Call Heath Windows and Doors Cardiff to arrange an appointment on 02920 650 854 or pop into our Cardiff Showroom.  Click for directions.  Alternatively, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you.


Bi-folding Doors.

Bi-folding doors are perhaps the most flexible of all your choices. They can be configured to open in the centre or sides. You can do this with sliding doors too. What is unique about bi-fold doors is that they can all fold to the side to create a completely open space. 

Bi-folding doors make a larger area look even grander providing a full view of the garden and seamless integration with the garden. They work equally well for smaller living areas too, because they make the room look bigger. No matter where these doors are installed they give a feeling of light airiness and sophistication.

When you are looking to optimise the available space, bi-folding doors are ideal. They don’t take up a lot of space because the door swing area is minimal, leaving you free to use all of your floor space.

Which Material is Best for Patio Doors?

Aluminium is stronger than timber or uPVC and can support larger expanses of glass on thinner frames. This minimises the framework and looks slightly more modern. Aluminium frames tend to have a more minimal profile which also contributes to the sleeker look.

Due to the strength of aluminium, it can be used for much larger glass areas. We will usually recommend aluminium for wide sliding doors and bi-fold doors. Aluminium door frames are also resistant to flexing or twisting, and very well suited to variable temperatures as they don’t expand and contract with heat variation. This means they are a great choice for coastal locations or places where they are frequently exposed to direct sunlight.

Metal is a good conductor of temperature. In the past, aluminium windows have been thought to be cold because of this. Think back to the old Crittal windows and sliding doors of the 70s and 80s. Nowadays, most aluminium doors include a thermal break. The break is made of a less conductive material (Origin use polyamide) and sits between the interior and exterior faces of the frame to manage heat loss.

Aluminium doors can be environmentally friendly from more than just a thermal efficiency point of view. Aluminium is widely recycled and many companies make their doors from recycled metal (Origin recycles 100% of all scrap aluminium produced when manufacturing their products).

All bi-fold doors must have a U-value of at least 1.8W/m2. All of our doors meet this requirement. Bear in mind that installation can affect thermal efficiency and some cheap Upvc products are prone to warping which can also affect thermal efficiency.

Whether you choose uPVC or aluminium, be careful about cheap deals as you could pay for it in the long run.

uPVC patio doors are usually cheaper than aluminium doors but given how long you expect them to last, a per year price isn't very different.

Patio Door Maintenance.

Nobody wants to be constantly painting, repairing or replacing their doors. Nor having to use draught excluders and heavy curtains to keep out the cold so it makes sense to choose a material that will stand up to the elements. Look for patio doors that are weather rated to British Standards.

Both uPVC and aluminium require minimal maintenance. The occasional clean with warm soapy water is all they need.

Aluminium doors and windows are usually powder coated. A solvent-free powder is applied to the metal at a high temperature, creating a durable finish in most RAL colours, giving you a wider choice.

3 More Good Reasons to Consider Patio Doors.

1. Patio Doors Look Great Whichever Style You Chose.

Who would have thought that something so simple could make such a difference to your home? We’re talking about doors here, not extravagant furnishings and accessories. However, patio doors are the ultimate way to improve your home’s overall appearance.

If you have a garden you’re proud of, a patio door can open up your home to it, so you can really admire it, and anyone who enters your home can easily enjoy views of your garden too.

A patio door can also improve the curb appeal of your home. The exterior of your house is not to be overlooked, so if you want to make a good first impression on guests and neighbours, patio doors are the way forward.

2. Adds Value.

The right patio doors for your home can appeal to potential buyers, so if you’re planning on selling up at some point in the future, installing these doors in your home now could be a perfect investment. Install them now and you benefit from them until you decide to move. Ask your estate agent what they think. Sliding doors or bi-folding systems that appear as glass walls are on the wish list for homeowners.

3. Great for Gatherings.

If you’re looking to bring more light into your home, doors with more glass will make a lot of difference. They help to maximise natural light and minimise the use of artificial light. Your home will be far more energy-efficient, and bills will be cheaper.

So, now you know the benefits, are you interested in having energy-efficient patio doors installed into your home? 

We have patio doors that are not only practical but look attractive too. Call us and we’ll help you find a stunning patio door so that you can make the most of your garden all year round.

Our South Wales weather is a bit temperamental. However, when it is warm enough to get the barbecue out, you want to make the most of it. Patio doors are an ideal feature when barbequing with friends and family. Whichever style of patio door you choose, they help to make a great entertaining space. 


Call Heath Windows and Doors Cardiff to arrange an appointment on 02920 650 854 or pop into our Cardiff Showroom.  Click for directions.  Alternatively, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you.


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