Is Double Glazing Worth it?

Is Double Glazing Worth it?

If you’ve read our blog on the lowdown on double glazed windows then you will have learnt that double glazing has many benefits. So, it’s kind of hard to not jump on the double glazing bandwagon, especially when you know that your home’s energy efficiency can be improved, which in turn will reduce your bills. Is double glazing worth it? We think so. Find out why here.

Why Choose Double Glazing?

When the choice is single glazing or double glazing. it’s a no brainer really. By choosing to have double glazing installed, your house will become more energy efficient. How? Well, double glazing windows retain heat therefore your fuel bills will be a lot lower as you won’t feel the need to constantly crank up the heating!

According to the Energy Savings Trust, up to 18% of heat can be lost in an uninsulated home, causing more issues to arise, such as higher noise level from outside and condensation. Take a look here to find out how to reduce condensation.

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Single Glazing is a Big ‘No’

If you’re going to spend money having new windows installed, you may as well go for the best. Single glazing has a bad reputation for poor insulation so there’s no point in wasting time looking at them. These windows require more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature therefore you’re throwing money down the drain (or out the window) unnecessarily.

Double Glazing Lasts for Years

Whilst you may think of it as an expensive home improvement now, you’re unlikely to have to splash out on new windows in your current home again. Unless you plan on staying in your home for 20 years. That’s right, double glazing typically lasts for around two decades, so you’ll definitely benefit from having them installed.

If you’ve recently moved into a home and it already has double glazing, take a look at our blog post here to find out the tell-tale signs that the double glazing needs to be replaced.

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Double Glazing is a Deterrent

Believe it or not, double glazing deters burglars. Windows are a common choice of entry for burglars, and if they notice that a house has double glazing they won’t risk trying to break in, for fear of getting caught!

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So, not only does double glazing save you money through making your home more energy efficient, it keeps intruders at bay too! Is double glazing worth it? We’re sure you’ll agree it is.

If you want to update your windows for double glazing, look no further than Heath Windows. We have a range of window styles, including casement, tilt and turn, vertical sliders and more. Find the perfect windows for your home today.