Save Money on House Hold Bills with These Tips.

When it comes to saving money, everyone wants in on the secret, and here at Heath Windows, we’ll share with you a few tips on how to reduce the cost of your household bills. That doesn't mean that you have to live uncomfortably. Many of the ways of saving have no effect on the quality of your life. Take a look to see how you can lower your bills.

Switch off Electrical Devices at the Wall

It may be tempting to leave the phone charger by your bedside plugged in. You can charge your phone in an instant, without having to faff around with turning the plug on. Most of us leave TVs, kettles, microwaves and other appliances switched on.  It can seem like too much effort to fire them up again, especially when you have to wait for computers. However, you’d be surprised by how much a small amount of electricity can add up over time and of course, you reduce the risk of an electrical fire. This is especially important with Christmas lights. 

Insulate Hot Water Pipes.

If your hot water pipes are running through unheated areas, your hot water heater will have to work a lot harder to heat them back up! Be sure to insulate your hot water pipes and you’ll not only save energy but prevent heat loss too.

Switch off unused electrical appliances.

Be sure to turn off every single appliance at the plug after you’ve finished using it and you’ll no doubt see a drastic change in your lelectricity bills. Consider all your appliances and devices, not just the obvious ones, and get into a habit of turning them off when not in use. It’ll soon become second nature, particularly after you’ve seen a drop in your bills.

Install Compact Fluorescent Bulbs.

Bin your regular lights bulbs and instead, replace them with compact fluorescent bulbs. You’ll gain the same amount of light and you won’t have to change them as often – it’s a win-win situation!

Clean Your Furnace Filter.

This may be a simple task but it can make a real difference to the efficiency of your heating system. If you have a reusable filter then you should clean and replace this regularly. This will keep the air in your home clean and safe, as well as save you money. If you have a disposable filter then you should change it once a month to prolong the life of your heating system, which in turn, will save you money.

Look at Labels.

The next time you buy a new appliance for your home, make sure you look at the energy label. Why? Well, you can reduce energy consumption in your home based on your choice of electrical appliances. For example, ovens with ‘A’ energy ratings are the most efficient. A new, ‘A’ rated oven will use 40% less energy than a ‘B’ rated oven.

Switch to the Cheapest Provider.

Talking of electricity, have you considered changing your energy provider? You may already be on the cheapest tariff available, however, it’s always worth a look, just in case. Whilst it may seem like a hassle to switch providers, it’s worth every penny, literally.

The average customer can save more than £250 over the course of a year by switching energy companies; just think about how much you could save over a decade! So, use a comparison site and discover which tariff is the cheapest option for you to potentially save plenty of pounds. There are many switching services but from personal experience, Octopus Energy made switching easy and almost halved my bill.

Make a Shopping List.

This may seem old-fashioned, but you don’t have to write it on a piece of paper! Use your smartphone and create a list using one of the many apps available.

A list will ensure that you buy only what you need, rather than you buying anything and everything that tickles your fancy, which let’s face it, is always tempting. Make a meal plan for the week, write a list and stick to it! Not only will you save money you’ll also eliminate waste.

Layer Up.

It’s all very well putting the heating on, but is it really necessary if you’re only wearing a t-shirt? Be sure to put a jumper or dressing gown on before turning to the trusty central heating. If you’re still cold after layering up, we won’t blame you for shifting the temperature up a notch, however, it’s worth reaching for a cosy blanket or layer first. You could potentially save a small fortune in heating bills and it helps to boost your tolerance to the cold.

Seal Your Doors.

To prevent air from escaping round the edges of your door, it’s worth putting a brush or seal on your doors. Unfortunately, letterboxes and keyholes can be the cause of heat too, but they can be covered to ensure heat does not escape from your home. Gaps in floorboards and skirting boards also let in drafts, but you can fill these in with newspaper, beading, or sealant.

Properties can lose a lot of heat through their windows, therefore it’s well worth considering updating your windows for energy-efficient glazing that will make your home warmer whilst also reducing your energy bills.

Install Energy Efficient Windows.

Have you ever thought, “How much money can energy-efficient windows save?” Well, it’s a lot, so if you want to save money and help improve the efficiency of your home, look no further than double-glazed windows.

You see, double-glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap in between, to create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in. Therefore, by installing double glazed windows, you’ll prevent heat from escaping the home, which in turn, will reduce your bills.

Heat loss is where the majority of waste energy comes from, and if your windows aren’t properly insulated, you could lose 30% of heat. So, make it a ‘must’ to invest in double glazed windows. Whilst you may find that these windows aren’t cheap, it’ll be money well spent in the long run.

Double glazed windows are one of the key ways to save money. The double glazing acts as a second layer of protection for your home, so there’s absolutely no chance of heat escaping. As a result, the cost of your energy bills will reduce.

How Much Can You Save With Energy Efficient Windows?

The exact amount of money you can save from energy-efficient windows is not possible to calculate. Why? Well, it will depend on a number of different factors, including the specification of the window you choose and the type of window being replaced.the 

However, have you heard about window energy ratings? This is a guide to the energy performance of windows including thermal efficiency, solar gain, and the air leakage of a window. Windows are rated using an A to G scale, with an A-rated window being the highest rating in energy efficiency and a G-rated window being the lowest.

Using these window ratings can give you an estimate of how much you’ll save.

The minimum rating now acceptable for replacement windows is a C, however, A and B ratings are certain to save you more money. Whilst A-rated windows will cost you more initially, they’ll save you money in the long run, therefore, they are a wise investment.

In fact, a recent case study has revealed that through replacing single glazing with A-rated energy-efficient windows, one could save approximately £8,211 and 22 tonnes of CO2 in a typical detached house or roughly £5,855 and 16 tonnes of CO2 in a typical semi-detached house. The study calculated gas central heating savings across a 20-year period, factoring in gas costs rising on average of 6% per year reflecting typical annual inflation. And B-rated windows aren’t far behind. Just think of what you could buy with those thousands of pounds!

Around 20% of the heat lost from your home is through your windows; therefore installing energy-efficient windows will save you money as well as considerably reduce your home’s carbon emissions. 

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