Aluminium Windows are designed for energy efficiency in South Wales

Aluminium Windows Cardiff.

Aluminium Windows Cardiff. Slimline Aluminium Frames for style, durability and performance. Cardiff's Premier Window Supplier.

Slimline Aluminium Windows for Style, Durability and Performance.

Completely bespoke and made with premium-grade aluminium, our modern aluminium windows are designed to give the best options for style, durability and long-lasting performance.

Aluminium windows give a timeless look that will last for many years to come.

Slimline Aluminium Windows with double glazing150 Ral Colours - thermally efficient home improvementsThe choice of over 150 RAL colour options and a variety of handles for aluminium windows helps you to make the choice that will complement and enhance the look of your home. While modern aluminium windows are is a bit more expensive than uPVC, over time they can pay for themselves as they look fresh and new for many years. In Cardiff, the anthracite grey frame has proved to be the most popular choice for aluminium frames.

Coloured Aluminium Windows.

We are often asked if anyone ever chooses red or purple aluminium windows and the answer is no. Much as sometimes our customers would like a bright colour, they recognise that one day the home will be sold and purple windows may put people off. In reality, the most popular colours have been anthracite and white. Chartwell green and light blues have also become popular in Cardiff recently.

Realistic Woodgrain Finishes.

You can also choose our realistic woodgrain finish. If you want to replace some of your windows and match with existing ones, or replace them all but keep the traditional look, this finish may be perfect for you.

Durable and Energy-Efficient.

Aluminium windows are finished with durable, scratch-resistant powder coating making them almost maintenance-free and smooth to the touch.


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Each Aluminium Window is Fully Customisable.

Your aluminium windows are fully customisable so you can choose where you want openers and whether you want them top-hung or side-hung. Opening windows are more expensive than fixed pains of glass. That makes sense but you must choose the best configuration for the way you like to live. You do not have to copy what is already there. Each window can be specified to work however you want it to.

Aluminium Slim Frames with thermal break for energy efficiencyChoice of frame size.

Our range of aluminium windows is often chosen for the slim frames giving a more modern, sleek look while also allowing for more window area. More glass equals more light, slim sightlines and the feeling of space. The strength of the frames means that larger areas can be glazed compared to uPVC alternatives.

Windows Aluminium  Square Frames available in South WalesAluminium Windows Chamfered Frames with energy efficiency built inChoice of Frame Styles. 

Aluminium windows are available with square or chamfered frames to help you choose a style that suits the character of your house. Our customers sometimes worry that aluminium is too modern for older houses but our chamfered frames help to bridge that gap.

Choice of Configuration.

You still have the same wide choice of configurations as you do with uPVC. The most popular choice of windows are casement windows.  Casement windows are characterised by the fact that they are hinged, most often on the side but also on the top and even sometimes on the bottom. Sash Windows are opened by sliding the bottom sash upwards or, if you have a double-hung window, by sliding the top sash downwards.

You cannot rush a good double glazing installer jobBear in mind when choosing your aluminium windows that you do not have to choose the same configuration as your existing windows. This is your opportunity to choose the aluminium window configuration that suits you perfectly. Our consultants are highly experienced and will help you to choose the best configuration for style, airflow and view. In most cases, your opening sizes will stay the same but if you need spaces widened or narrowed, we can also advise on the best solution.

Built with Security in Mind.

The lock on an aluminium window is built to the highest standards of security. Aluminium windows feature a stainless steel multi-point lock, fitted to accurately line up with the keeps. The number of locking points depends on the size of your window. This means that your aluminium window security is not compromised. Some systems feature a standard amount of locking points no matter how big the window. No matter how big our windows are, they will have the appropriate amount of locking points to maintain maximum security.

20 Year Guarantee.

When it comes to your home and family, we know that you want peace of mind. At Heath Windows & Doors Cardiff, we promise high-quality products and partner with the aluminium window manufacturers that back this up with industry-leading guarantees. Our slimline aluminium windows carry a 20-Year Guarantee.

You may see that some of our competitors offer a 25-year guarantee but this can be misleading. Sometimes these long guarantees are marketing ploys and only cover something simple like the powder coating. There is no ambiguity with our aluminium window guarantee. We cover all manufactured parts as well as the powder coating.

Origin aluminium benefits

Impressive Thermal Efficiency.

Our aluminium windows can achieve a U-level of up to 1.2W/m²K. This meets the current building regulation requirements to minimise heat loss. Variations can achieve A-rating. The strength of aluminium provides your home with warmth and security, whilst allowing for the larger windows which are currently popular in Cardiff. Using 28mm sealed units and polyamide thermal break technology, all windows conform to the Building Regulation requirements for new build, replacement and refurbishment projects.


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Aluminium windows provide one of the most environmentally friendly options for your double glazing requirements. Aluminium can be recycled time and time again. Up to 85% of aluminium is still in circulation today. Aluminium windows are far more environmentally friendly than uPVC windows and doors and timber windows and doors.

Dual Colour Aluminium Windows.

There are over 150 colours in the colour palette for your new aluminium windows but we've been helping Cardiff homeowners make the right choice for nearly twenty years. With the option of dual colour too, you can choose to have different colours on the inside and outside of the window. Choosing white for the inside of your aluminium windows means that they remain neutral as part of the architecture and help the room to look light and bright.

Are Aluminium Windows better than uPVC?

We are just as much fans of uPVC double glazed windows as we are of aluminium windows. They both have their place in the market and we help our customers choose the right windows depending on the house, their personal taste and the budget. The most popular windows in the UK are uPVC casement windows. Sometimes our customers will choose the same style of windows as the neighbours to help create a cohesive look in the street. Other customers choose windows that are completely different from any other houses because they want to stand out and maybe want a more contemporary look. Get in touch and we will help you make the right choice.

Origin supply the best aluminium windows for energy efficiency in South Wales.Cost of Aluminium Windows Compared to uPVC.

When compared to aluminium windows, uPVC windows come out on top in terms of cost and are an estimated 20% less than aluminium. You also have more variety for quality standards with uPVC. You can buy extremely cheap windows but they are rarely worth it in the long term. Stretching the budget a bit could prove well worth it when build quality and finish are taken into account regardless of which material you choose.

Are Aluminium Windows Cold?

Wherever you buy your aluminium windows from, be sure that the system includes thermal breaks. Aluminium (metal in general ) is a good heat conductor. It will take on the temperature of what it touches and hold it. All of the windows we sell, aluminium and uPVC, exceed standards set by the government. Most homeowners in Cardiff are happy to settle for the A rating achieved  by double glazing and uPVC. If you want to take it a step further, you can consider triple glazing. We'll discuss all of these options with you so that you can be sure you've chosen aluminium windows that you will love forever.


Aluminium is stronger than any other window material which means that the frames can be slimmer and the glass area larger. This is why you will often see them used for shops, offices and schools. Larger windows require more strength in the frames. If you want as much light in as possible or have large glass areas, we will probably recommend slimline aluminium windows.

Wood grain Casement style aluminium  Windows CardiffDurable finish.

Each aluminium window is powder coated which means that whichever finish you choose will be extremely durable. It is not uncommon to see powder-coated aluminium windows of over 20 years still looking fresh and new.

Environmentally Friendly.

Aluminium windows are also environmentally friendly. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable because recycled aluminium creates high-quality new aluminium and the process only uses 5% of the energy needed to create the initial metal. 

Design Flexibility.

Aluminium has greater design flexibility than uPVC. Not only do you have a choice of styles but the range of colour options available, including dual colours is more than anyone could need. Our range of aluminium windows is completely made to measure.


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Excellent Thermal Efficiency.

Quality aluminium frames are highly thermally efficient, provided the window frames are fitted with a thermal break.

The thermal break on an aluminium window prevents the conductive properties of metal from transferring heat out of the home. Our aluminium windows are fitted with a 35mm polyamide thermal break with interlocking barriers that minimise airflow through the system. A bespoke cavity gasket is fitted into the internal chamber of the window frame, between the sash and the frame (except for the side of the frame where the locks are fitted), to further improve thermal efficiency. 

As an optional upgrade, for drastically improved thermal efficiency, the aluminium Window can be specified to include the space-age technology, Aerogel. When upgraded with highly insulating Aerogel, the aluminium window achieves a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) Energy Rating of A++, or U-Value of 0.9, making the window the most thermally efficient aluminium system on the market.

Windows We Offer.

We offer both uPVC and aluminium and are not biased either way. We'll help you make the right choice depending on several factors which we will discuss with you.

We offer aluminium windows and patio doors from two different manufactureres. Origin and Aluk. Both offer superb quality but it could be said that Origin has some refinements that Aluk doesn't have but the price reflects that. Our aim is to provide the right quality product at the price level that's right for our customers. We are happy to quote both.

How much do Aluminium Windows Cost?

Aluminium windows can be perceived as expensive but they are not when considered in a like for like way. Yes, they are more expensive than UPVC windows but they also last a lot longer and stay looking new. Aluminium windows offer better value for money in the long run.

The cost will depend on several factors. The quality of your new aluminium windows certainly has an effect on the price, both in the materials used and the fixings. The difficulty for you as the customer is knowing the difference. Windows and doors look the same when they are fitted. It's only in time that you start to see windows dropping because the hinges aren't sturdy enough or frames bowing because the aluminium or steel inside the frame is not strong enough. The fitting can also make a difference. Your windows need to move smoothly and this relies on level fitting. Unfortunately, the industry is known for sub-contractors who value speed over quality. That's the reason that as a premier window supplier we fully employ our installation engineers. They know that quality takes precedence and will take their time to ensure the perfect installation. 

Sometimes the perception of cost is related to house value. There is no difference in cost whether you live in Cardiff or anywhere else. Thermally efficient aluminium windows cost the same whether you have a 2-bed bungalow in the South Wales countryside as it does for a 6-bedroom house in the middle of Cardiff.


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Nice People to do Business With.

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Heath Windows and Doors Ltd is Certass approved and for further peace of mind, we secure your deposits with Insurance Backed Guaranteed. Our doors and windows are fitted by exceptional installers who have a great deal of expertise backed by continuous training. This is one of the benefits of using a company that fully employs its installers. We insist that they take the time to complete a first-class job and because they are employed, they can afford to do so. All of our products carry at least a 10 year guarantee. We are Allchecked approved installers with verified reviews and Which Trusted Traders. We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority partnership 07762081 - We do not send to a panel of lenders but use Omni retail finance.

Covid 19.

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