Sliding Patio Doors CardiffSliding Patio Doors Cardiff.

Sliding Patio Doors Cardiff in aluminium or uPVC. See our range of patio doors in our showroom. Friendly, helpful advice.

Sliding patio doors are a great way to let in the fresh air and natural light into your home while still maintaining privacy. They are available with aluminium or uPVC frames, both of which offer benefits that make them worth considering.

Sliding doors give you all the benefits of an open-air environment without compromising on security, and they come in different styles.

Let's take a closer look at what makes sliding patio doors so great!

Traditionally sliding patio doors are thought of as two doors but did you know that you can fit up to a whopping 13 metres with our aluminium sliding system!

Sliding door installation in CardiffBenefits of Sliding Patio Doors.

Sliding patio doors provide lots of natural light with less frame to interrupt the view.

They can fit into an existing space or you can expand your opening to fit across the whole wall.

Our sliding patio door frames have been designed with safety features to prevent slamming.

Sliding Doors are usually the lowest cost option for patio doors.

If space is limited, you can arrange furniture close to the patio doors as they open within their own tracks.

Sliding patio doors are a fantastic option for homeowners who want to enjoy the light and airy feel of glass doors but are limited by space.

Convenient for opening only a small amount without worrying about the wind catching the door.

Sliding doors in Heath Windows Cardiff ShowroomuPVC Sliding Doors.

At Heath Windows and Doors Cardiff, we are always mindful of ease of use and safety so we partner with manufacturers who offer the best products for style, quality and value.

Our uPVC sliding patio doors move smoothly and have a soft-close option to prevent heavy-handed banging or bouncing the doors. We have full-sized samples available for you to try in our Cardiff Showroom.

Thermal Efficiency.

With large expanses of glass, it's particularly important that you choose sliding doors that are thermally efficient. With U-values as low as 1.0 to help keep the warmth in and the cold out. Thermal efficiency is particularly important with large expanses of glass.

Low Maintenance.

The uPVC material is virtually maintenance-free, only requiring an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.


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 Colour Matched.

Often our customers buy windows to match the doors so it will be reassuring to know that all products from our manufacturer are colour matched.

 uPVC Patio Sliding Door Sizes.

Our uPVC sliding door systems can be made to fit openings of up to 5.9 metres. While the usual option is two equal sliding doors there are other options if your opening is too wide or you prefer not to have the frames meeting in the centre.

The widest opening for two doors is 3.5 metres. If your space is wider, you have the option of adding one or two more fixed glazed panels. The maximum width for two doors plus one fixed pane is 5 metres. The maximum width for two doors plus two panes is 5.9 metres.

These sizes give a fair alternative to bifold doors which are the usual choice for wider openings. The main difference apart from the cost is that bifold doors can be folded back to open the complete width and sliding doors only open one door at a time.

Market leading uPVC Patio Doors Cardiff with double glazing South WalesuPVC Patio Sliding Door Colours.

White uPVC sliding doors have proved most popular with our Cardiff customers, mostly because white uPVC windows are more commonly already installed and they usually like them to match. Recently there has been more interest in dark grey (anthracite). One very appealing option is our grey substrate option. Normally when you have a coloured door frame, it is only the outer that is grey. With our new grey substrate option, you will see grey inside the frame too.

Anthractite uPVC will match up well if you already have windows in this colour even if they are aluminium. In addition to white and grey, you can also from our two woodgrain colours, Rosewood and Golden Oak. No need to worry about the frames creating gloom in your room as all colour options are available with white interior frames.

Want something a bit different?

In addition to the most popular colours kept in stock, you can also choose from 32 other colours and woodgrain finishes. The Chartwell Green has proved popular in Cardiff along with some of the lighter woodgrains. When choosing a colour, consider how long you plan to live in the house. If you plan to sell in the near future, it may make sense to stick with one of the more popular options for mass appeal. You can always choose the colour you want when you move to your dream home.

uPVC Patio Sliding Door Handles.

Our sliding doors come with a choice of two different handles. An inset handle where you pull with your fingertips and a good-sized grab handle that you can pull with your hand. The doors are easy to glide but if children or those with weak grip are to be using the door, the bigger handle may work better for you. Both handles are available in white, chrome or graphite.


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 Aluminium sliding doors.

Aluminium Sliding doors are a popular choice for modern homes but can equally have their place in traditional buildings. Architects often specify aluminium because they know that the durability will stand the test of time.

Although aluminium doors are often chosen because of their sleek modern design, they are also a practical, and sometimes the only option for larger openings. An aluminium frame is made only of aluminium where a uPVC door has an aluminium inner but uPVC outer. More aluminium equals more strength. This means that the frame can hold much more weight even though they are slimmer than their uPVC counterparts. The slimmest frame available in aluminium is a mere 20mm. You'll barely be aware of them.

Aluminium doors can be made a whole metre taller than uPVC doors so if your opening is more than 2.4 metres high, aluminium will be the best choice for you.

A single door can be made as wide as 3 metres and you don’t have to worry that a door this size would be heavy. You won’t even feel the weight as the door will glide smoothly on specially crafting running gear.

For extra-wide spaces - up to a whopping 13.2 metres, your doors can be configured with up to 6 panes. Read more about Origin aluminium sliding patio doors.

Reduce your energy bills and let in natural light with low maintenance patio doors. Cardiff Sliding Doors.Which Material is Better for Sliding Doors? Aluminium or uPVC?

Much of what you read or hear about aluminium and uPVC sliding doors may be biased. A salesperson or business can be incentivised to sell one or the other or may not have one of them available. Personal bias may also be a factor. Older fans of uPVC may have grown up shivering with the old crittal windows which were appalling for heat control. Those who have suffered the old aluminium sliding doors which were either heavy or rattled in heavy winds may have sworn off them for life.

Neither aluminium nor uPVC are more disposed towards condensation. Condensation comes from factors within the home related to the temperature outside. Read our article if you want to know more about why condensation forms on modern windows. 

None of these claims apply anymore. Modern technology has ensured that whichever material you choose, your sliding doors will meet standards for security, safety and thermal efficiency. They all have long guarantees and you will be happy with either.

Quality uPVC have more options such as wood grain features or mitred joints. Most aluminium customers are looking for a modern look so enjoy the smooth uncluttered plainness of aluminium. It really does come down to personal choice. 

At Heath Windows and Doors you will hear a balanced view. We have no preference for either. They both provide a perfect solution depending on the application. We'll tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each and the suitability for your style of home, your needs and your budget.

Other Types of Patio Doors.

French Doors.

You will live with your patio doors for many years so it's worth taking the time to explore your options. Sliding patio doors work in almost every application but for some, the opening space will not be enough. Consider the typical patio doors from the living room to the patio. These are usually two sliding doors or french doors. If you chose French doors, you can open up both doors in the middle. Sliding doors only allow for sliding one door in front of the other and of course, the opening is from the side.


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 French Doors with CurtainsAnother consideration is how you dress your windows. If you love curtains, where will they sit? Do you want them to cover the sides of the glass area or is there enough wall space so that you can maximise the light. You will also need to ensure that there is room to hang your pole above the window. If your sliding doors span the complete width, will children and dogs damage the curtains by having to move them every time the door is opened?

French doors often have extra panes of glass on either side. You can have the full length as shown in the picture or with dwarf walls and window sills.

If you are replacing sliding patio doors with French doors because you want a centre opening, remember that you may need glass panels on either side of the doors if it is wider than the width of the two doors. 

Please visit our page to find out more about French Doors.

Bifold Doors.

Bifold doors are another super option for when you want a wide expanse of glass. As you can fully open them and sit the door stack to the side, you benefit from seamless integration with the garden. Bifold doors are particularly popular with open plan kitchen extensions at the back of the house but they work anywhere where you want maximum airflow. They are usually more expensive than sliding doors or french doors because they are more complex to build and install. If you want the benefit of a completely open wall, there is no better option. Please visit our page to find out more about Bifold Doors.

Other Considerations for Choosing Patio Doors.

The first consideration for patio doors is the space that they will be fitted to. Is the space ready for patio doors or will you need bricks removed to make a wider opening?

Replacing a window with patio doors means that the bricks below will need to be removed and this can have an impact on the floor. The door frame will be slimmer than the wall so that area will need to be made good. This is important to know if you have a wooden floor, tiles or carpet that you hoped would meet the new doors.

Adding building work to the project will increase the cost. It's not just that the opening will need to be wider, you will also need plastering work done and possibly electrical work if sockets are on the wall to be removed. 

We'll run through all of these options with you and help you make the right choice.


Call Heath Windows and Doors Cardiff to arrange an appointment on 02920 650 854 or pop into our Cardiff Showroom.  Click for directions.  Alternatively, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you.


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