Tiled Conservatory roofs cardiff

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Cardiff.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Cardiff. For a Room You Can Use All Year Round. Solid Warm Roof Insulation. The Only Vented System on the Market.

Is your conservatory too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Get all the benefits of a brick-built extension without the upheaval and cost, with a thermally efficient roof system.

The Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof gives you a room that you can use all year round but still has the benefit of feeling like you are in the garden. The ceiling follows the line of the roof like a vaulted ceiling so you still have that feeling of space and if you want the next room to benefit from more light, you can choose a roof with glass inserts to get the best of both worlds.

The tiled conservatory roof is available for new conservatories and replacement on existing conservatories.

No doubt about it, a conservatory is a lovely place to sit when the weather is right for it. Nowadays few people have the luxury of keeping a room that has such limited use. Our homes have to work harder and every room needs to pull its weight. That's where a new solid roof comes in. Whether you are replacing a polycarbonate roof or a glass one, your new tiled roof will give you a room that can be used for any purpose at any time of the day. You could even put a sofa bed in, in case you need to accommodate extra guests. 

Warmer in Winter.

Tiled roof conservatory open diagramThe Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof is warmer in winter because of the extra insulation in the roof. A solid conservatory roof is said to be up to 15 times more effective at keeping the heat in than old glass and 16 mm polycarbonate roofs. This helps you to use the room through winter and saves you money on heating costs. Tiled conservatory roofs, make you feel as if you are in a normal room but with more natural light. 

Transform your conservatory into a room you can use all year round. Your cold glass conservatory can become a room that you will love being in.


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Warm Roof Design.

Equinox use a highly effective system known in the trade as a 'warm roof' design. This means that they can use materials that don't take up too much space but are highly effective in making your conservatory warmer.

On a warm summer's night, it's lovely to sit in a conservatory and see the stars and moon. It's not so cosy in the winter when snow or ice covers the roof and the night sky is black. Almost everybody chooses to be in one of the warmer rooms. With a solid tiled roof, your conservatory can be used all year round in the day or the evening.

The Difference Between a Conservatory and an Extension.

Of course, a conservatory is a type of extension, in that it is an additional space added to your house, extending the space. Traditionally we think of as an extension as being brick-built with windows and doors that match the style of your house. Often homeowners want the extension to be blended so that it looks as if it was part of the original design.

A conservatory is characterised by the amount of glass used in its construction. Planning laws used to be much more strict and it was much easier to erect a conservatory than an extension. The legal definition of a conservatory was a building with 50% glass walls and 75% glass roof. This was important because you didn't need planning permission for a small conservatory but did for an extension.  Nowadays, with extensions allowed in permitted development rules, that criteria has become less important and it's often price and convenience that determines the choice.

Will I Need Planning Permission to Change my Conservatory Roof?

A few years ago, you most certainly would have required planning permission to change your conservatory roof. The very nature of a solid tiled roof means that your conservatory no longer meets the 75% glass rule. However, Building Regulations rules have changed along with guidelines for permitted development. It is likely that if your conservatory was built under permitted development rights, then you would equally have been allowed an extension under today's rules.

Check for planning and building regulations for your area on the Wales. Gov Website.

Inside a tiled roof conservatory

The Wales.Gov website states:

'Adding a conservatory to your house is treated the same as adding a single-storey extension, and the same rules apply'.

We will help you determine whether your conservatory was built under permitted development rights if you don't know. There are some cases where permission is needed. For instance, if your building is or is within distance of a listed building. You can find out more about planning permission in Wales at Wales.Gov Website.

Tiled Roof Conservatory brochureFast Easy Conservatory Roof Conversion.

Your conservatory roof conversion should be completed within a few days with minimum disruption to you. Every piece is precision engineered for your conservatory, ready to be fitted by your installer. There's no cement mixing or building mess for you to deal with. We will dispose of your old roof as part of our service. Your installation will not affect flooring furniture or side blinds although they may need to be removed for installation, depending on where they were installed.

Complete replacement.

Your new conservatory will be fitted with a new ring beam. That's the frame that sits around the top of your conservatory. You will feel like you have a brand new room. Inside, the ceiling will look like plaster and you can even have lights in the ceiling. Many homeowners think that they need a whole new conservatory and are delighted to find that they only need to change the roof. In most cases, the existing window frames are perfectly good. You can choose to freshen up window boards and handles if you want to.


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tile options for solid conservatory roof

 How Heavy is a Tiled Conservatory Roof? 

You could be forgiven for thinking that a tiled roof would be too heavy to sit on walls made of glass windows. Of course, a tiled roof that is made with the same tiles as a house roof would be too heavy.

The tiles used in an Equinox conservatory roof are designed specifically for the job and are constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), a blend of limestone and polypropylene or a light gauge steel. This variety of materials enables us to offer a wider design choice so that you have the best chance of coordinating or matching existing tiles. 

All of the materials used in conservatory roof construction are extremely light and designed for easy maintenance. The variety means that we can give you the look of riven slate and the sandstone texture of clay tiles. No more seeing dirt, leaves and bird poop on your roof. No more flies stuck in your blinds. 

Two Types of Solid Conservatory Roof.

For a more traditional look, you might choose our Equinox solid tiled roof with a traditional appearance and the ability to add standard roof windows for natural daylight.

If you want to let more light in, our new full-length Equinox Vega glazed solid tiled roof has a large expanse of glass to give a clear view of the sky. When we consider the light you want from your conservatory, we also consider the room next to it. If you want as much light as possible the Equinox Vega provides that and is a stunning feature.


Equinox Solid Conservatory roof options


How Much Does a Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

This is a question that everyone wants to know the answer to before getting a quote for a replacement conservatory roof. It really does depend on the type of roof, the size and configuration. Some projects may need new guttering or you may choose to combine light with insulation. These and other items will affect the cost.

The cost of retrofitting a tiled conservatory roof to an existing conservatory depends on several factors, including the size and style of your current conservatory. For example, if you have a Victorian-era house with a large glasshouse at the rear then it will cost significantly more than if you only have a small porch extension. 

New conservatory roof vs roof blinds.

When you compare the cost of a replacement roof with the cost of blinds, we think there is no contest. Of course, blinds will be cheaper, but they will still cost thousands of pounds without doing an effective job of making the room useable all year round. Plus your new conservatory ceiling will look great forever. Blinds stop looking nice once the flies have made their mark and they've faded.

You don't need to worry that you're wasting our time. We are happy to quote without obligation. It is nowhere near the cost of replacing your conservatory so hopefully, that will put your mind at rest. The price of a solid tiled roof is absolutely worth the investment if it transforms a room that is virtually useless into one that can be used all year round.


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