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Which Conservatory Roof Will You Choose?

Whether you are planning a new conservatory or want to make the most of the one you have, your choice of conservatory roof will play a big part in your enjoyment of your room.

The conservatory roof doesn't just affect the amount of light in the conservatory, it will also impact the thermal efficiency. Simply put, a tiled roof will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This means that before you decide which conservatory roof you prefer, you must first consider what the room will be used for and how often you wish to use it.

A well-built conservatory will give you years of pleasure and could help you achieve a better price when you decide to sell your house. Conservatories are a cost-effective way to increase your living space whether you want extra space to relax, additional play space or a dining room.

When you ask us to quote for a conservatory or a replacement roof, we will ask you about how you plan to use the space and advise you which roof will be best for your use. We will take into account how your needs may change over the years and offer the best solution. 

Children playing in a conservatory with roof tilesConservatory Roof Options.

Solid Tile Conservatory Roof.

If you want a room that can be used just as much as any other room in the house, then a tiled roof conservatory will give you a similar feel to a brick built extension. The difference is that you will have more window space than wall which will make it feel more open to the garden and let in lots more light. If you are thinking of using a TV or computer in your conservatory, want to use it as a playroom or have expensive wood furniture,  a solid roof conservatory will probably be a better choice for you. Find out more about tiled conservatory roofs. 

Glass Conservatory Roof.

A glass roof on a conservatory gives a fabulous feeling of being outside with views of the garden and the sky. If you have the luxury of enough rooms in the house so that you can dedicate your conservatory to relaxation, then a glass roof gives you an unparalleled feeling of space. You can achieve a little flexibility, and extend the use of your conservatory by fitting blinds. Blinds can help to protect against the strongest rays in the summer and provide a little extra insulation in the winter.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof.

A polycarbonate conservatory roof does not look as contemporary as a glass roof but can offer some benefits. The opaque nature of it means that the sun shines a little less brightly through it. The polycarbonate roof options are all more cost-effective in the short term than the glass or solid roof options. 

Which Conservatory Roof is Best?

Whether you’re thinking about adding a conservatory to your home or updating an existing one, deciding which roof option to choose is an important decision.

Think about your overall objective carefully.

First of all, ask yourself what the main function of the room is? Will it be extra living space that you will want to use all year round? This could be a dining room, playroom or a family room. Since COVID many families have had to find extra space to use for an office but have not been able to use the conservatory because of the difficulty in using a screen in such a bright room.

If your answer to this includes using a TV screen or computer, a solid roof will be more useful. Even with blinds, the glare on screens can make it impossible to see the screen.

If you want to create a space that is as light and bright as possible, a glass or polycarbonate roof will work for you. The addition of blinds will help you deal with glare on the sunniest day giving you the flexibility. Don't be misled into believing that blinds solve all the problems though. 

To enjoy a combination of warmth, light and year-round usage, a roof that uses a combination of tile and glass will meet your requirements.

If your aim is to create an extension that can be used every day, a tiled conservatory roof will probably be the most appropriate choice. 

In terms of maintenance, tiled roofs outperform most of their rivals as they require virtually no upkeep and have a long lifespan.

For some homeowners, the budget is the most important factor in their decision. If this applies to you, a polycarbonate plastic roof will always be the most affordable option. Be careful that this is not a false economy that may cost you more in the long run.

However, it’s worth remembering that the cheapest price is not always the best option. If the roof you choose is unable to match your usability requirements, going for the cheaper option might prove a false economy.

Before making a decision, either way, consider your budget and ALL of the available options carefully as this will help you to settle on a solution that provides maximum enjoyment.

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