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Residor and Solidor - The Best Composite Doors for Security.

Residor and Solidor are both fabulous choices for style, security and endurance.

Lack of maintenance, high levels of security and energy efficiency make composite doors the most popular choice in recent years. They have an incredible lifespan of over 25 years and offer the homeowner a wide choice of styles to complement their homes. Solidor and Residor have long been established as industry leaders, but what are the differences in their composite doors? 

As the leading double glazing and door supplier in Cardiff, we're proud to say there's hardly a street left where we don't see the best composite doors and windows fitted by us.


Residor vs. Solidor: Design Differences.

Residor composite doors are Glass Reinforced Plastic Doors (GRP) and are made by coating a foam slab with a tough plastic skin. This layer is 3.6mm thick on Residor composite doors, which means you benefit from excellent thermal efficiency. Most GRP doors are just 1.6mm thick. Residor composite doors are more than twice the thickness of most composite doors available on the market today.

Solidor composite doors feature a solid timber core. This solid core provides the same equally outstanding thermal efficiency and rigidity. At 48mm, the design of the door is 10% thicker than its nearest competitor. The core is wrapped in a tough, weather-resistant ABS skin. This layer is made of a solid colour, which means that if you scratch it, it will be barely noticeable. Other doors where the colour is a thin layer on top show white through a scratch. There's nothing you can do to prevent the odd scratch on a front door but you don't want it to show. 

Residor vs. Solidor: Security

Residor composite doors are fitted with the revolutionary Ultion cylinder lock as standard. This cylinder goes into ‘lock-down’ mode’ in the event of an attack, securing an area of your door that has the potential to be the weakest. While some locks feature 5 or 6 pins, Ultion has 11 and it protects against Lock Drilling for reliable home protection. You can read more about Ultion Locks here.

Solidor composite doors also come with the Ultion cylinder fitted as standard. For additional security, Solidor also offers the Avantis lock. This lock features the largest and strongest hook and system in the door sector and is largely considered the most secure on the market. The solid timber door provides an additional layer of protection from intruders.

Ultimately you can't go wrong with either door. They could both be considered the best composite doors. Your choice may be made purely because of style, colour or price. Whatever you choose, we are here to give you the best advice on the best composite doors without any obligation or pressure. Try our door designer to help you get an idea for the wide variety. We're happy to give you a price if you complete the form but why not pop into our Cardiff double glazing and door showroom where we have many full-size examples of the best composite doors on the market.

Solidor Doors - Premium Construction and the Most Secure Locking System.The most durable, highly secure, timber core composite door on the market. An extensive range of the best composite doors is available to view in our newly refurbished Cardiff showroom. See more about Solidor composite doors here.


Residor and Solidor - The Best Composite Doors for Security.