You’ve made the decision to dress your windows with blinds, but do you know how you’ll benefit from ones that are perfect fit? Well, you can find out here. Take a look to discover the many benefits of perfect fit blinds.

Drilling or Screwing Isn’t Necessary

The beauty of perfect fit blinds is that they sit in their own frame, therefore they don’t require drilling or screwing in order to be fitted. Perfect fit blinds are easy to install and fit neatly within a frame, rather than being drilled into the wall and then screwed into place. Sounds like a pretty pioneering way to install blinds, right?

Easy to Measure

When measuring for perfect fit blinds, you simply measure the glass size. However, your windows need to be made of uPVC to be suitable for these particular blinds, so keep this in mind when buying blinds!

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To ensure a perfect fit, consider things like window handles or tiles. You’ll need to take the positions of these into account to achieve a truly perfect fit. And always use a metal tape measure for a more accurate result.

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Family-Friendly Option

These blinds do not have cords; instead they are operated by handles or tabs. This makes perfect fit blinds the ideal solution for dressing children’s bedroom windows, as there are no loose cords or loops for children to get hold of.

Clutter-Free Solution

Granted, you want your home to be as clutter-free as possible and perfect fit blinds are just the trick. Why? Well, they don’t hang down onto your window sill. Instead, they take up minimal space.

Minimal Maintenance

Perfect fit blinds can be easily removed; all you have to do is unclip them! So, if you fancy giving your blinds a thorough clean, you can do so without hassle.

Enhanced Privacy and Light Control

Due to the blinds fitting flush on your window frame there are no gaps, so perfect fit blinds increase your privacy and prevent light from being able to seep in. As a result, these blinds are particularly popular with those rooms that see a lot of sunlight, including conservatories.

Cost Effective

Are perfect fit blinds expensive? Well, that all depends on the type of blinds you go for. For example, roller blinds are typically much cheaper than venetian blinds. You can pay the bare minimum for blinds or you can spend a small fortune, it just depends on the style of blinds you choose.

However, one thing worth noting is that perfect fit blinds can save on heating bills by retaining heat in the winter, so they’re worth splashing out on!

If you’d like to buy perfect fit blinds for your home, but don’t have uPVC windows, then why not consider replacing your windows for new ones? Take a look at our various styles and designs today or alternatively give us a call on 02920 650 854. The friendly team here at Heath Windows will be more than happy to help!