How Often Should Double Glazing be Replaced?

How do you know when to replace double glazing?

Double glazing lasts a surprisingly long time, often well outlasting its warranty time. Often glazing is changed not because of the efficiency but to change style or modernise the house. New owners usually want to make it their own and have allowed for renovations in creating their dream home. Others have lived with old double glazing for many years and may not realise that modern engineering has made double glazing even more efficient. Here you can learn the tell-tale signs that you need to update your windows for new, more efficient ones.

When to Replace Double Glazing: Tell-Tale Signs

If you’re not quite sure when to replace your double glazing, there are signs to look out for. Your windows need replacing when:

• There are cracks, chips, and holes in the glass.

• Water leaks through the window frame.

• Draughts enter your home through the window frames.

• Condensation is present between the panes of glass.

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Cracks, Chips and Holes in the Glass.

If your windows have cracks, chips or holes then there’s nothing you can do to rescue them; the only solution is to replace the glass. Failure to do so could result in condensation and then you’ll have to replace your windows anyway! Tackle the problem at hand straight away and replace those damaged windows with new ones. Embed from Getty Images

Water Leaks.

Have you noticed water coming in via the frame? Then this may be down to the seal of the window. Whilst it may be an option for you to replace the seals, you will first need to find out if the seals are available to buy by contacting the window supplier.

If the leak isn’t due to failed seals, it could be caused by blocked drainage, which can result from a build-up of debris. A solution to help unblock the drainage section is to clean!

However, if your windows are really old, it may be worth replacing your windows completely to avoid problems arising again in the near future.


Experiencing draughts? Then a seal either in on around the window is likely to have broken down. If you can feel draughts between the bricks and the window frame, the sealant that has been used around the window may have failed. What can you do? Fill the area between the wall and the frame or, if you’re not confident to DIY, get a professional to do the job.

If draughts are coming from in-between the window frame and the glass, it may because the seal has lost its elasticity over time or worn away. So, either replace the seals or your windows. Whilst the latter seems more expensive, it’ll be worth it in the long run as new windows will be far more efficient.


Have you noticed condensation has formed on your windows inside your home? Then it’s worth trying to do all that you can to help reduce it. It may be worth purchasing a dehumidifier if your home is particularly prone to condensation. Alternatively, you may want to consider upgrading your windows for more energy-efficient ones.


If you’re finding condensation between the two panes of glass, it means the seal around the panes is faulty. The gas cavity should be completely sealed; if it isn’t then the inert gas will evaporate and warm air from your home will find its way in, resulting in condensation! Sounds like it’s time to buy new windows, right?

If you’ve seen these tell-tale signs then you know what you need to do – replace your windows! And there’s no time like the present.

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