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So, you know how energy efficient windows work thanks to this blog post, but have you ever thought, “How much will energy efficient windows save me?” Here you can learn roughly how many pounds you can save a year by installing these windows into your home.

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The exact amount of money you can save from energy efficient windows is not possible to calculate. Why? Well, it will depend on a number of different factors, including the specification of window you choose and the type of window being replaced.

However, have you heard about window energy ratings? This is a guide to the energy performance of windows including thermal efficiency, solar gain and the air leakage of a window. Windows are rated using an A to G scale, with an A rated window being the highest rating in energy efficiency and a G rated window being the lowest.

Using these window ratings can give you an estimate of how much you’ll save.

The minimum rating now acceptable for replacement windows is a C, however A and B ratings are certain to save you more money. Whilst A rated windows will cost you more initially, they’ll save you money in the long run, therefore, they are a wise investment.

In fact, a recent case study has revealed that through replacing single glazing with A rated energy efficient windows, one could save approximately £8,211 and 22 tonnes of CO2 in a typical detached house, or roughly £5,855 and 16 tonnes of CO2 in a typical semi-detached house. The study calculated gas central heating savings across a 20-year period, factoring in gas costs rising on average of 6% per year reflecting typical annual inflation. And B-rated windows aren’t far behind. Just think of what you could buy with those thousands of pounds!

Around 20% of the heat lost from your home is through your windows; therefore installing energy efficient windows will save you money as well as considerably reduce your home’s carbon emissions. So, what else can you do to save pounds and help improve the efficiency of your home? Take a look at these two tips:

Layer Up

It’s all very well putting the heating on, but is it really necessary if you’re only wearing a t-shirt? Be sure to put a jumper or dressing gown on before turning to the trusty central heating. If you’re still cold after layering up, we won’t blame you for shifting the temperature up a notch, however, it’s worth reaching for a cosy blanket or layer first. You could potentially save a small fortune in heating bills.

Seal Your Doors

To prevent air escaping round the edges of your door, it’s worth putting a brush or seal on your doors to prevent air escaping around the edges. Unfortunately, letterboxes and keyholes can be the cause of heat too, but they can be covered to ensure heat does not escape from your home. Gaps in floorboards and skirting boards also let in drafts, but you can fill these in with newspaper, beading or sealant.

However ultimately, properties can lose a lot of heat through their windows, therefore it’s well worth considering updating your windows for energy efficient glazing that will make your home warmer whilst also reducing your energy bills.

Now you know the savings that come hand in hand with energy efficient windows, as well as other ways to save money and energy in your home. Are you interested in having energy efficient windows installed in your home? Look no further than Heath Windows. Give us a call today on 02920 650 854 for more information.