If you’re considering having double glazed windows installed into your home, then you’ll want to know if they’re worth the investment, and rightly so. Here you can find out all about double glazed windows, from the key assets to how long they last.

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Bye Bye Baby

Literally. If you live next door to a screaming baby, double glazed windows are your answer to blocking that unbearable noise out. Granted, all babies cry, but it doesn’t mean you want to hear these cries in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep.

Say hello to double glazed windows and goodbye to sleepless nights. These stylish windows are brilliantly soundproof and will therefore create a barrier between your home and the environment outside… even traffic on a busy main road!

Stylish as well as Functional

Who would have thought that windows, of all things, could be stylish? Well, they can. In fact, windows can often be a focal feature of a home; they are, after all, one of the first things you notice about a house.

So, whether you want double glazed windows to make your home look aesthetically pleasing for yourself, your guests or potential buyers, double glazing is the way forward. They look much nicer than traditional windows, without compromising on other essential qualities.

Security is Maximised

Double glazed windows are tougher to break than standard windows and the fact that they’re sealed tighter means they’re difficult to force open! Burglars will have a struggle trying to access your home via double glazed windows. Do we need to convince you further?

No Escape for Heat

Double glazed windows mean that there’s no chance of warm air escaping. With the UK renowned for having very unpredictable summers, houses can get cold quite quickly if heat is able to seep out.

However, double glazed windows create thermal insulation thanks to their airtight construction. In turn, this will reduce the amount of money spent on heating your home.

Energy Saving

Due to heat retention, lower energy bills are inevitable. And who’s going to complain about that? It’s estimated that after the installation of double glazed windows, an average home-owner will save £170 a year on energy bills.

Multiply this annual saving by the number of years the windows last and the homeowner could have saved a whopping £3400.

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A Cat’s Life

The average Siamese cat lives up to 20 years, the same amount of time double glazed windows are meant to last! That’s a long time, right? So, it’s well worth splashing out on these durable windows.

However, poorly fitted windows won’t last half as long, which is why it’s important to choose a reputable double glazing supplier.

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So, if you’re tempted by double glazed windows then call us on 02920 650 854 today. We’ll be able to give you a wealth of knowledge and answer any questions we haven’t answered here. If you’re wondering, “Do energy efficient windows pay for themselves?“, check out our reviews!