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A conservatory does more than create an extra room. It breathes life into your home and creates a seamless transition from your home to the garden.

A conservatory provides light and energy into your home, revitalising your living space. The beauty of a UPVC conservatory will improve the space to suit your house and the needs of your family.

What Size Conservatory?

The size of your conservatory is often determined by your house and the room that it leads from. Do you want to extend that one room, add a room to it or use as much space as planning regulations allow. Your budget may also have a bearing on your choice as costs will increase with size. It is worth staking out the area ouside and putting furniture in it to see how it feels. Remeber to allow 30 cm for the walls on the back and both sides as this can make quite a difference especially in smaller conservatories. You can find out more about planning permission and permitted development for conservatories by visiting the Wales.Gov Website.

Conservatory used as dining roomWhat Will You Use Your Conservatory For?

The way that you use your conservatory may affect your choice of size and shape. If you plan to use your conservatory as a dining room, remember to allow room to move round it. Consider the position of the doors. You don't want to create a corridor from the house the the conservatory doors if it means you have to go round the table. It may be better to have a side door instead.

Will you want to watch TV or use a computer? This may affect your choice of roof. A glass roof can be uncomfortable for watching screens and it may be better to consider a tiled roof. Find our more about conservatory roofs.

Conservatory CardiffIs Your Conservatory a Luxury or a Necessity?

Not long ago conservatories were considered a luxury and were typically bought by older home owners facing retirement who wanted somewhere to sit and relax. Nowadays they are a much more integral part of living and must be useable all year round for most homeowners. Never has this been more important than during COVID when we spend much more time at home, often with tow adults trying to work and homeschool. Even open plan living is taking a back seat to individual rooms as individuals seek peace in their own homes, putting up dividers when not long ago we were taking down walls. 

Conservatory Shapes from Heath Windows and Doors Cardiff

Which Conservatory Design Will You Choose?

The shape of your conservatory is led by the roof. The Victorian cuts off two corners and creates a more complex shape so if space is the priority, it may be better to choose a shape that presents a square or rectangular room.

Lean-to Conservatory.

The Lean-to Conservatory offers stylish simplicity with the benefit of less cost. The roof is easier to manufacture and that is reflected in the cost. The pitch of the roof can be varied making it a versatile and popular choice. It is often chosen by bungalow owners as it does not require the height of the other styles. See more about Lean-to Conservatories.

Edwardian Conservatory.

The Edwardian Conservatory is an excellent choice for large areas. It still allows for a square or rectangle room but gives the benefit of a high ceiling. This style can still be used on a bungalow but requires a double sloped roof to take it back to the the lower bungalow wall.

Victorian Conservatory.

The Victorian Conservatory is still popular in Cardiff. The softening of the corners makes it the choice for those who are using it as a garden room for relaxing rather than for those for whom space is the priority. One thing to bear in mind if you choose a glass or poly-carbonate roof, is that you may choose to have blinds. Shaped blinds are more expensive than rectangles. Ask your blind supplier if it's possible to reduce the number of blinds by measuring for 1 blind per 2 roof panes. This will reduce the price considerably.

Gable End Conservatory.

The Gable End Conservatory is a favourite of ours and we have recommended these for Cardiff homeowners many times.The Gable End combines all that is best about conservatories. It allows for maximum floor space, gives height to the ceiling. It still has simplicity but with the stylish gable which can be plain or created with a sunburst design.

T-Shaped Conservatory.

The T-Shaped Conservatory is an L shape that finishes with a Gable End. L shaped conservatories are often chosen for double use for instance a seating area and a dining area. The first section can be a gable end or a lean-to. 

P-Shaped Conservatory.

The P-Shaped Conservatory is also an L shape and is finished with a Victorian end. Once again it can built of a lean-to shape. The P-shape combines the maximum use of space with the softening of the corners so is a popular choice for those who want a traditional look.

Help to Choose Your Conservatory.

If you need any advice, Heath Windows & Doors will be happy to help you. Our accredited professionals are available to advise you and find the right design for you and your family. 

Planning Permission for Conservatories.

Most conservatories now are built withing permitted development. Be assured that we will help with any paperwork or permissions required and prepare your conservatory quote based on requirements. In some cases, such as a conservatory that has no doors between the house and conservatory, you may need a building regulations certificate. This is mostly used when the conservatory is a kitchen extension and you want the kitchen and conservatory space to act as one room.


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