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Recycle iconRecycling at Heath Windows and Doors.

At Heath Windows & Doors, we take every effort to conserve the environment. Our respect for the environment is evident in everything we do. From sourcing the raw materials to manufacturing and installation, we aim to minimise our carbon footprint at every step of the way in every way possible.

Our Recycling Efforts

We believe that using our resources wisely is the very first step towards improving the environment. Here are some steps we take to do our bit to recycle:

  • We recycle all the scrap of aluminium, steel, glass, plastic protective bags and cardboard
    generated during the manufacturing process.
  • The vinyl we use in our doors and windows contain recycled materials of up to 15%.
  • All the vinyl end cuts and vinyl dust that’s created during the manufacturing process is
    stocked and recycled.
  • The glass for our windows and doors are sourced from a glass manufacturer that recycles
    all the glass scrap. This is known as “cullet”, which makes for about 20% to 25% of the
    glass composition in our products.
  • Most of the plastic injected components that we use contain a recycled content of up to
  • Entry door cut outs are repurposed into insulation for basement concrete floors.
  • Our aluminium screen bar and grille boasts a recycled content of 65%.
  • Used steel drums are collected for steel recycling.

We are Committed to Protecting Our Environment

At Heath Windows & Doors, we choose vendors and suppliers that share our love for the environment. Our production crews, design engineers and installation technicians are completely committed to minimising our impact on the environment.

We follow industry best practices to meet Energy Star ratings. In fact, many of our windows far exceed these ratings and deliver far superior energy savings. We rely on advanced technology to offer products that are low-maintenance, cost-effective and energy-efficient.

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